Tonight on the show Erick goes over the protests happening in Iran, Orrin Hatch retiring, drama around the Mississippi Senate seat, Trump threatens to suspend financial aide to the Palestinian Authority and what to expect from the Georgia legislature this upcoming session.

The real meaning of Christmas.
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Tonight no the show Erick talks about Republicans short term CR, the continuation on a nuclear power plant here in Georgia, Nikki Haley gives a devastating speech at the UN, ISIS has largely been defeated and a failed Democratic protest of the GOP tax cut.

Tonight on the show Erick goes over all the positive already happening because of the GOP tax cuts, further fallout from details surrounding Obama’s Iranian deal, Democrats go to tactic is to simply sue every time they lose on an issue and the generic ballot is not looking good for Republicans.

Tonight on the show Erick goes over the passage of the GOP tax plan in the House, will Amazon really come to Georgia, how the President could rebound his popularity, Amtrak derailment and more sordid details on Obama’s Iranian deal.

Tonight on the show Erick gives his reaching to the power outage at Hartsfield International Airport here in Atlanta, current vote count on the GOP tax plan, latest on the Mueller investigation and the truth behind Obama’s Iranian deal.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down the latest on the GOP tax plan, Marco Rubio gets a win for child tax credit, Erick is leaving Fox for better things, is Paul Ryan really retiring the latest on the Mueller investigation.

Tonight on the show Erick goes into the complete overreaching by the left regarding net neutrality, Trumps judicial picks, the FBI agent who tried to steer the Trump/Russia investigation and the last push for the GOP tax plan.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down the results of the Alabama special election AG Sessions vacated Senate seat, details of the GOP tax plan, anti-Trump texts from an FBI agent and Omarosa leaving the White House.

Tonight on the show Erick talks about the incestuous nature of the media and Democrat party, the Presidents twitter fight with Senator Gillibrand and final thoughts going into tonight’s special election in the Alabama Senate race.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down the details of the semi-failed bombing attempt in New York, the weird polling coming out of the Alabama Senate race and declining NFL ratings.

Tonight on the show Erick goes into the Supreme Court weighing in on the travel ban, Democrats reaction to the GOP tax plan, details on Ted Cruz’s amendment to the tax plan and shrinking national monuments.

Today, Erick focuses on the Mike Flynn plea deal. If Flynn really on initiated contact after the election, that scuttles the Democrats’ claims that Trump collaborated to steal the election. Also, the GOP has the votes for tax reform and it looks like conservatives might not have had all the facts about Kate Steinle’s death.

Tonight on the show Erick goes into the bombshell news that Matt Lauer was fired over sexual harassment, high ranking Democrats continue to defend Representative Conyers and more on the GOP’s tax plan.

Tonight on the show Erick breaks down the soap opera that is the Consumer Financial Protection Board, the CBO is garbage, gun reciprocity legislation making its way through Congress and Net Neutrality may be going away.

Tonight on the show Erick give his thoughts on the President again making fun of Senator Warren and her made up Native American Heritage, the difference between Democrats and Republicans response to sexual harassment, slavery in Africa and liberals take issue with religious liberty.

Tonight on the show we find out the former Atlanta Braves GM is banned for life from the MLB, Erick gives the latest details on another sexual scandal this time involving Representative John Conyers, Uber had a cyber data breach and the Trump administration is taking a look at temporary refugees.

Tonight on the show Erick talks all the newest sexual harassment allegations that have come out, Twitter’s new verified account policy has turned them into speech nazi’s and some Thanksgiving day recipe favorites.

Tonight on the show Erick goes over the sexual assault allegations against Al Franken, Congress has a fund dedicated to paying sexual harassment claims, the Pence rule and Texas has a lower murder rate than Great Britain.

Tonight on the show Erick talks about the Roy Moore press conference, Christianity and tax reform.