With current headlines ranging from bad to hideous, Dave thought it might be worthwhile to hit some of the more notable moments from his recent interviews with Pat Sajak, Emily Esfahani Smith, David Deeble, Dave Sussman, DC McAllister, and his fellow military buddies, Bob Lee and Pat Murphy. If you’d like to just relax and smile for a bit, you’ve come to the right place.

In what Dave Carter describes as his favorite Radio Deplorable podcast to date, he sits down with two of his best friends, both of whom are military retirees, and both of whom served alongside Dave. Pat Murphy, an Air Force Public Affairs specialist, served with Dave in Korea, and Bob Lee, an Air Force Historian, recruited Dave into the Military Historian career field some 30 years ago. If you added up their total time in uniform, you’d have 66 years of military service which, among other things, makes for a lot of interesting stories. If you’ve ever wanted to be like a fly on the wall and listen in as a group of veterans and best friends enjoy that special bond unique to vets, in a conversation that ranges from hysterically funny to extremely moving, here’s your chance.

Our old friend DC McAllister recently wrote a fascinating article at The Federalist titled, “Why Demanding Equality in All Things Makes Us Narcissists.” Which prompted Dave Carter to sit down with DC and explore the issue in-depth. We think you’ll find their exchange interesting, to say the least.

Our own Dave Carter recently sat down with our own Susan Quinn to discuss her recent Ricochet post, It’s Time To Fight Back, which evidently is a reversal of sorts for Susan. Dave writes, “whereas she previously took more of a live-and-let-live approach to attacks from the left, Susan has decided that if we on the right don’t fight back, and do so aggressively and relentlessly, we risk losing the debate and the country. She explained her position with candor and conviction during our conversation. Her’s is a compelling case worth hearing.” We think you’ll agree.

What do you get when you put Dave Carter, Dave Sussman, and David Deeble on the same podcast (other than preliminary plans for world domination)? As Dave Carter described the conversation, “It was, in turn, nuts, hilarious, serious, and analytical. In other words, you could rope us off and charge admission to view.” After some initial difficulty figuring out how to do a three-way Skype call, the gentlemen nearly called this episode “Three Old Guys and Their Electronic Devices,” but elected instead to start their own law firm for reasons you’ll have to hear for yourself to understand.

In this episode, Dave Carter sits down with Ricochet Member Mike LaRoche to discuss Mike’s journey from loyal Republican supporter to ex-Republican and ardent supporter of President Trump. Along the way, the good professor hands out grades to the Trump Administration on everything from Foreign Policy to the Veteran’s Administration, Border Security and more, all with the birds chirping in the background as Mike chats from outside his home in beautiful Texas hill country.

As Dave said, “I have a feeling lots of members and contributors will want to listen in.”

This week, Dave Carter sits down with author and Ricochet Alumna Emily Esfahani Smith for a very enjoyable conversation about her new book, “The Power of Meaning.” A lifelong student of philosophy, Emily holds a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology and writes on culture, psychology and relationships as a columnist for The New Criterion, as well as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Dave describes her book as, “a gracefully written and very compelling work,” and after listening to their conversation, we think you’ll agree.

In the latest installment of Radio Deplorable, Dave Carter invites Ricochet’s (and Whiskey Politics’) Dave Sussman onto the program to discuss his recent post (Blood on Their Hands), which generated a veritable avalanche of commentary.  As Dave Carter noted, “I thought it might prove interesting to give Dave Sussman a chance to expand, clarify, reiterate, etc. He did all of that and more, and it was an intriguing discussion to say the least.”  We think you’ll agree.

In the middle of the whirlwind of self-inflicted and or fabricated scandals surrounding the Trump administration, somewhere between cynicism and excuse-making, you will find Dave Carter, a scotch in one hand and a microphone in the other and a few observations to make. You’ll find those observations and more on Radio Deplorable.

Our own Dave Carter sat down with our own Pat Sajak for a relaxing conversation that covered everything from Pat’s experiences working on a truck dock as a young man, to the military experiences of Pat and Dave (along with the veterans in their families).  Before long, their chat veered into Wheel of Fortune territory and what the show has come to mean to so many people, along with the impact the many contestants have had on Pat personally.  Before the conversation concluded, both gentlemen sounded as if they were philosophizing while sitting on their rocking chairs on the front porch!  We think you’ll really enjoy the conversation.

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Dave is breaking in some new equipment and now he’s like a kid in a candy store, with the new fangled mixer, studio mic, and related accessories transporting him back to his days in radio. Just for the fun of it, he’s recorded an “air check,” which is basically a truncated version of what he used to do on the radio. The good news for us is that Dave’s old Cajun friend, Alphonse Fontenot, also appears on the program with some updates from bayou country.

Question:  What do you get when you cross a constitutional attorney with a trucker?

Answer:  If the attorney is Mr. Robert Hutton and the trucker is our own Dave Carter, you get a truly interesting conversation.  

After a long day on the road, Dave Carter sat down with Ricochet’s very own @DocJay for a free wheeling discussion on everything from Rocky Mountain Oysters to concierge medical practices and the future of American medical care generally (hint: It isn’t exactly peachy).  Regardless of the prognosis, we think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

Someone once said that, “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.”  For our own Dave Carter, that place is deep in the bayous of Louisiana, where he finds people who work hard, play hard, and live life to the fullest.  Whether they understand Dave is one matter, but there’s no mistaking the connection that both Dave and his wonderful bride have with these good people — a connection which we hear about in a story, told as only Dave can tell it.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” wrote Thomas Paine over two centuries before Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi began trying the soul of an entire nation. Our own Dave Carter was feeling especially soulful after some news events last week, and decided to voice his thoughts on a special edition of Radio Deplorable. The resulting podcast was written, produced, edited, mixed, sliced and diced by Dave, leading us to suspect that he missed his calling. Asked to comment, he says, “I’m not sure what that calling was, but I agree that I probably missed it.” We think you’ll find the ensuing 10 minutes enjoyable.

There is a place for politics, but not necessarily every place. Convinced that some aspects of life should remain beyond that gritty business, Dave Carter sat down for a conversation with someone he describes as, “a generous, wise, and grand lady.” Ruth Allen has seen enough to fill several volumes on life’s most important lessons. A Native American Indian, Ms. Allen has served as the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the State of Tennessee.  Her titles and accomplishments include everything from public office to being an EMT and a Red Cross Instructor who deployed to St. Thomas to provide disaster relief after Hurricane Hugo to chatting with a sitting US President and Vice President.  There’s much more, but we’ll let Ruth tell you in this fascinating and very compelling interview.  Oh yes, and Ms. Allen is also Dave’s mother in-law, so he is on his best behavior in this one.

Sometimes, the temptation to take a symbol, or even a term of disparagement, and turn it against one’s opponents, particularly when those opponents specialize in smug condescension, is difficult to resist. So Dave Carter didn’t bother trying. Resistance takes too much energy anyway, and he’d rather use that energy having fun and chatting with his fellow deplorables. The idea of Radio Deplorable is to shine a spotlight on the people and places that those in the NYC-DC-LA vortex neither understand nor like very much.

Whether it is a chat with an author or commentator, a mechanic, a pastor, an interesting stranger at a truck stop, or just random thoughts from the host, the animating perspectives of this podcast will emanate from the folks that the condescending class claims to look out for, but who rarely miss an opportunity to sneer at and belittle. Years ago, Bill Buckley said that he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone directory than by the entire faculty of Harvard. At Radio Deplorable, we will, in a sense, go treasure hunting in the phone book.