Last week, Dave and his friend Bob Lee were in the middle of a very interesting discussion on the trajectory of the country when the Skype connection went “kerplunk,” to use Dave’s word.  So this week they resume their discussion, along with a merry bit of madness and humor as they reminisce about zany episodes in the military and other humorous stories. Oh yes, and Dave lets us in on a suggested opening for Ricochet’s flagship podcast (believe us when we say that he didn’t clear this with us).  So grab a suitable beverage and enjoy the show!

There’s a new wrinkle at Radio Deplorable — and we’re not talking about Father Time taking a tire iron to the host either. As Dave writes, “With the extra time I now have on my hands thanks to taking on a new line of work, I can be more productive both with podcasts and with my writing and still have time left over to get in trouble. Whether this episode constitutes quality podcasting or simply getting into trouble is as yet unclear.”  Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this one as Dave sits down with fellow veteran Bob Lee, and Alphonse Fontenot, and lets the good times roll.

Our own Max (Site Admin at Ricochet) sits down with Dave Carter in this edition of Radio Deplorable. These two hit almost every topic imaginable, from the linguistic and cultural idiosyncrasies of the French language (French Canadian and Cajun), Max’s residence (built by a Revolutionary War veteran), the ideological consequences of life in New York City, civility and backbone in the age of bare-knuckled politics, and a sneak peak at coming enhancements to the Ricochet. It’s a wide ranging discussion and one that we think you’ll find both entertaining and intriguing.

Dave sat down with Ricochet’s very own EJ Hill this week to talk about EJ’s work in television sports production as well as his phenomenal artwork here on Ricochet (which includes Radio Deplorable’s logo). The conversation progressed from the many changes in live television production to the National Anthem protests and the NFL’s subsequent response, to a look at what goes into the artwork and logos that EJ does for Ricochet and much more. It’s a fascination discussion that we believe you’ll find enjoyable as well.

Ricochet’s Editor in Chief makes a visit to Radio Deplorable today, taking time to talk with Dave about everything from coffee cups to future ideas for Ricochet and an assessment of how things are going currently at our favorite website. Along the way, Jon and Dave touch on the Never Trump phenomenon, the fissure between various segments of the right, and some preliminary thoughts on Jonah Goldberg’s new book (which Jon and Dave are probably reading even now). As Dave writes us, ‘what a relaxing and fun conversation!’ We think you’ll agree.

Ever heard of The Tennessee Waltz? It was written by Redd Stewart, along with Pee Wee King, and this week Dave sits down with Redd Stewart’s nephew, Larry Stewart, who is an accomplished musician himself, to talk about the story of that iconic American standard and Larry’s own career as one of the finest steel guitarists in the country. “I guess I’ve led a charmed life in some respects,” Dave writes, “because I’ve been able to get to know some remarkable people, Larry Stewart being smack at the top of the list.”

Taking a needed reprieve from political theater, Larry and Dave instead talk about “Uncle Redd,” and the type of guy he was off-stage. After reminiscing about playing “dueling records” as kids, Larry traces his own career in country music before talking about the direction that country music is currently taking. You won’t want to miss this.

Dave writes to us, “I asked folks over on the member side to throw some questions at me for the podcast, and boy did they ever respond! I got questions on everything from private detective work to trucking, from work as a military historian and Security Forces member, and all the way to politics and Catholicism.” It’s pretty evident to us that Dave enjoyed answering your questions, and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy his answers too.

Complaining that his computer took the better part of the afternoon to process and save the podcast, Dave speculated that, “Perhaps we overloaded the system since we had such a good time on this one.” In episode 30, Dave Sussman, David Deeble, and Dave Carter spend the morning steering clear of the political weeds and, instead, focus on simply enjoying each other’s company and making pleasant use of a rare opportunity to have a Sunday Morning chat. Topics include international travel, the life of a CPAC attendee, comedy in other countries, and Dave Carter’s strategic vision for the future of the Law Firm of Carter, Deeble, and Sussman (note: don’t try and drink anything when you hear this one).

What do you get when you have two people who practically live to write talking about their craft, their passion for writing, the process of writing and what resources they draw upon to infuse the written word with the sort life and meaning that compel the reader to pay attention?  Well, you get a conversation between DC McAllister and our own Dave Carter — one that we think you’ll find enjoyable.

Dave Carter was lucky enough to spend the morning talking with Ricochet’s Melissa Praemonitus, (also known as @6foot2inhighheels).

Melissa described her first Ricochet Meet Up, which was in Las Vegas and included such luminaries as Doc Jay, DC McAllister, Troy Senik, Fred Cole, Whiskey Sam, and much more. She describes in detail how that experience prompted her to become more active in conservative causes and cemented her belief in the power of individual action.

Melissa’s the owner of Praemonitus Communications, and her clients include Dave Sussman and Michael Ramirez, among others. Most important, however, are the stories that she tells not only about her start in political activism, but about the causes in which she is currently engaged. It’s a thoroughly compelling conversation, and one we’re sure you will enjoy.

In an extraordinary conversation Andrew Klavan talks about his book, The Great Good Thing, taking us on his life’s journey. Raised in a secular Jewish family, Andrew recounts the path that took him from despair to discovery and, ultimately, to his baptism in the Christian faith. One need not be an adherent of the faith to appreciate Andrew’s honest account of a remarkable story. Along the way, Andrew and Dave talk writing, the arts, and Andrew’s optimism that the Great Conversation will ultimately lead to great things. Speaking of great things, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Ricochet Member @Arahant sat down with Dave to discuss just a few of his numerous areas of expertise. Want to talk management theories, consultant approaches and learn from an expert what a great many managers are up to? How about a conversation on the Trump administration’s first year? Want to learn how to cope with writer’s block and make it work for you? Or perhaps you’d like to explore the world of poetry, or learn the benefits of a few moments of silence? Interested in Ricochet’s Writer’s Group, or even the 90 Day Challenge? It’s all here — a one-stop shopping podcast which led Dave to write, “The trick was keeping the conversation down to an hour!” So make yourself comfortable and listen in. We think you’ll be glad you did.

What do you call a gathering that features Rob Long, Dave Carter, Peter Robinson, David Deeble, Melissa Praemonitus, Boss Mongo, and Max Ledoux? Yeah, we’re not sure either, so we’ll just call Radio Deplorable’s Christmas Extravaganza. From Christmas Greetings from Ricochet’s members to Rob’s encounter with Ronald Reagan, from Culinary Societies to Alphonse Fontenot auditioning to become a “moving star,” there’s something here for just about everyone, as Radio Deplorable wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Radio Deplorable opens the holiday season with an enjoyable chat with the always interesting Doc Jay (@docjay).  As Dave wrote, “Doc is always interesting to listen to and his perspective never fails to simultaneously entertain, intrigue, and inform.”  The conversation runs the gamut from how physicians handle giving bad news to their patients, to Christmas in New Orleans and so much more.  And one of Ricochet’s producers even gets in on the action as well.  You’ll enjoy this one.

How does collective guilt differ from the concept of Original Sin? Is there really such a thing as an “Original Sin of slavery?” How far ought collective guilt, or even collective exoneration, to extend? Dave sat down with DC McAllister to hash out these topics and a great deal more in a free-wheeling conversation that we believe you’ll find quite compelling. As Dave wrote, “Any conversation that travels the spectrum from corporate guilt to Hondas and coffee-flavored rum is going to spark some interest.”

This week, Dave sat down with Ricochet Contributor (and NRA instructor) Kevin Creighton to talk about all things related to firearms and self defense.  Along the way, we gain valuable perspective on the Las Vegas shooting, the changing demographics of gun ownership, firearm ideas for senior citizens, and even Professor Walter Russell Mead’s thesis on the implosion of the blue state model of government.  And then there’s the story of how Dave’s daughter handled bullies while in grade school (hint: she’s not a victim). Informative and fun, we think you’ll enjoy listening in.

At the conclusion of a long day, Dave Carter and Mollie Hemingway (Fox News Contributor, Senior Editor at The Federalist, and Ricochet Alum) sat down for a free-wheeling discussion of everything from the horrific shooting in Las Vegas to life at Fox News, bipartisan political intransigence, Presidential intrigue, and a certain Ricochet Alum who also frequents FNC from time to time. Dave allowed as how it was a very enjoyable chat, an opinion with which we think you’ll agree.

Our own Dave Carter sat down with Ricochet member, veteran, and longtime friend Bob Lee for some frivolity and a bit of sober analysis on current headlines from a gentleman who, by virtue of his mind and life experience, is eternally interesting. Given that into every sober conversation a little lunacy must fall, Dave’s Cajun friend, Alphonse Fontenot, called in to talk dating, baseball, and the NFL. You won’t want to miss a minute of this one.

Our own Dave Carter sits down this week with Dr. Rob Tibbitts, who is a local pastor and disaster relief coordinator in Vinton, Louisiana, a town which has been devastated by two major floods within the last 18 months.  Dr. Tibbitts is also Dave’s brother in-law, and Dave describes the conversation as being, “in equal parts, heartbreaking and uplifting,” adding, “It’s a story about people of meager means who were dealt a harsh blow 18 months ago; who received loans from the federal government to rebuild their homes in the aftermath of a ‘500 year flood,’ and who’v seen their houses destroyed yet again leaving them with a mortgage, a home loan, and no apparent means of rebuilding.” Along the way, Rob explains the herculean relief efforts currently underway, the charities and organizations making an importance difference for the better, and why the Red Cross is persona non grata.

Want to know what life in Special Forces is like? Want to hear a sober assessment of War on Terror strategy from a career Special Forces officer? Want a glimpse of duty and service on an entirely different level? Listen in as Dave Carter talks with Ricochet member @BossMongo and you’ll hear all this and much more — like, where did the nickname Boss Mongo come from in the first place?