The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness joins us today to discuss her documentary video about Kelly Clemente, a now 28-year-old who at the age of 18 placed her son with an adoptive family.  Plus: We chat about Facebook deeming two black female Trump supporters “unsafe” for the community and The Atlantic’s firing of Kevin Williamson.

On today’s edition of The Daily Signal podcast, Rob Bluey and Ginny Montalbano review the week’s top news and speak with Chris Bedford, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation. Bedford discusses The Atlantic’s firing of Kevin Williamson, the media’s coverage of the YouTube shooting, and his book, “Art of the Donald: Lessons from America’s Philosopher-in-Chief.” We also share some of our favorite letters from you. Yours could be featured next week; write us at Enjoy the show!

What has EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt achieved during his tenure? The Heritage Foundation’s Nick Loris joins us to break down what Pruitt’s been doing to roll back Obama-era regulations that threatened to raise car prices and violate property rights, among other issues. Plus: Why are liberals giving Jimmy Kimmel a free pass over his mockery of Melania Trump’s accent?

The Daily Signal’s Jamie Jackson joins us today to discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. — and the conversations Americans still need to have. Plus: “Fixer Upper” airs its last episode.

What should be done about the migrants heading to the U.S.? The Heritage Foundation’s David Inserra joins us to discuss refugees, immigration policy, and border security. Plus: Generation Z is finding out smart phones aren’t a cure-all.

Administrator Scott Pruitt is ending the practice of “secret science” at the EPA, bringing one of the most controversial federal agencies into the limelight. Daren Bakst, senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, joins the podcast to discuss Pruitt’s latest move and why environmentalists are so upset by it. Plus: A huge caravan of migrants heads toward the U.S. border, China moves toward a possible trade war, and a new vacancy opens on one of the most liberal circuit courts.

On today’s edition of The Daily Signal podcast, Ginny Montalbano and Jarrett Stepman discuss the top headlines from the week. They feature an interview with David Harsayni, senior editor at The Federalist, about the history of guns and the Second Amendment in America. Additionally, they interview Inez Feltscher Stepman about her recent piece “The Top 10 Westerns Ever Made, Plus 10 More Deep Cuts“, and the important moral messaging they contain.

President Barack Obama revolutionized the way campaigns are run with the use of social media, but it turns out Facebook may have been in the tank for Obama all along—and may have broken the law. Hans von Spakovsky joins the podcast to explain the situation. We also discuss liberal outrage over the Trump administration’s decision on the census. Plus: New evidence suggests a different kind of “collusion,” President Trump fires his VA secretary, and tensions continue to flare between the U.S. and Russia.

Warning signs were abundant prior to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month—so why wasn’t it prevented? Aside from protocol failures and lack of sufficient school security, Amy Swearer points to three specific traits that tend to mark school shooters. She joins the podcast to explain what those are. Plus: Roseanne makes a major comeback, Trump defends the Second Amendment, and Wendy’s drops an unforgettable mixtape.

Liberal politicians are fuming at the Trump administration’s decision to include a citizenship question in the 2020 census. Why should this be controversial? Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation, sat down to explain why the president is on the rational side of this issue. Plus: Mark Zuckerberg agrees to testify before Congress, Indiana passes a pro-life measure, and genius scientists discover how to keep ice cream from melting (at least for longer).

Schoolkids converged on D.C. over the weekend to protest school shootings and guns, yet the most effective policy solutions went unmentioned. Jarrett Stepman went to the march and sat down with us to share his observations. Plus, we discuss the president’s new actions against Russia, Larry King’s tough words for cable news, and a new study about teen happiness and cell phone usage.

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton will become President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser next month. On today’s show, we bring you highlights from his interview with The Daily Signal last month. Plus, we have clips from our exclusive interviews from the White House with Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Mercedes Schlapp. They talk about outreach to millennials, plus we talk to two from that generation: Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv and Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens.

Today’s episode is brought to you straight from the White House, where they held a millennial engagement forum. The discussions focused the economy, free speech, and the opioid crisis. Labor Secretary Acosta and HHS Secretary Azar stopped by to talk to The Daily Signal about the record low unemployment rate and the opioid crisis.

Los Alamitos, California is on a collision course with Sacramento over sanctuary policies. Are we about to see a legal showdown? We discuss with David Inserra, Heritage Foundation security and immigration expert. Plus: The Austin bombings appear to be over, a pro-life Democrat survives an Illinois primary, and YouTube censors gun safety videos.

Is it OK for California to demand pregnancy centers promote abortion? The Heritage Foundation’s Monica Burke joins us to explain the issues at stake in a case heard by the Supreme Court Tuesday. Plus: we talk about a celebrity couple’s unusual marriage, and how an armed school officer stopped a shooter in a Maryland school today.

Why is a GOP-controlled Congress about to spend billions of taxpayer dollars propping up Obamacare? The Heritage Foundation’s Marie Fishpaw joins us to discuss. Plus: We talk about Hillary Clinton’s Facebook message claiming we all misunderstood her comments last weekend.

On this Friday’s edition of The Daily Signal podcast, Rob Bluey and Ginny Montalbano speak with Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist and a Fox News contributor. Hemingway discusses the school safety debate, the role Twitter plays in our political discourse, and how she and her husband manage to raise a family in a busy media environment. Plus, Daily Signal producer Lauren Evans weighs in on a recent trip to Colorado. She and Kelsey Harkness spoke with Patrick Neville, a Columbine survivor and lawmaker who is pushing to end gun-free zones.

The Heritage Foundation’s Steve Moore joins us today to talk about the announcement that his friend Larry Kudlow, who worked in the Reagan administration and on CNBC, will become director of the National Economic Council. Moore and Kudlow served together on the Trump campaign, and Moore shares what he thinks President Donald Trump and Kudlow do (and don’t) have in common. Plus: We talk about the movie star moving out of the USA because of Trump and the school that gave detention to students who did the walkout yesterday.

Why did Democrat Conor Lamb win in a district that President Donald Trump won by twenty points in 2016? The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas joins us to discuss the surprising outcome of a hotly-contested election. Plus: Trump is pushing for a “Space Force” and Britain is taking action against Russia.

The Daily Signal’s two interns this semester, Kyle Perisic and Chrissy Clark, join us to weigh in on life as a conservative at the university—and what they think of a new Gallup poll that found 6 out of 10 college students believe “campus climate prevents people from speaking freely.” Plus: We talk about Hillary Clinton’s latest “explanation” for why she lost the election, and the media largely ignoring a new report from the House intelligence committee finding no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.