With government spending soon to run out, some lawmakers want to attach a DACA “fix” to must-pass legislation. Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky discusses why any notion of renewing DACA should be a non-starter. We also hear from Hans about why a promising election fraud commission was suddenly shut down by the president. Plus: The black unemployment rate hits a new low, a top Trump adviser makes an unwelcome splash at CNN, and speculation abounds over whether Oprah will run against Trump in 2020.

We discuss how Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan suggested in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner today it might be time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, due to his inability to stop leaks to the media as well as the FBI”s lack of cooperation with a congressional investigation of the dossier. And The Heritage Foundation’s Jim Phillips joins us to discuss whether this time, the protests in Iran can overthrow the current regime. Plus: the latest on President Donald Trump’s fight against an upcoming book about his administration, and Sessions’ move that’s concerning marijuana advocates.

A new report from Planned Parenthood shows profits are up, and the number of abortions far outpace the number of prenatal services given. We discuss with The Heritage Foundation’s Melanie Israel, an expert in the pro-life area. Plus: France threatens to crack down on “fake news.”

Kim Holmes, author of the “The Closing of the Liberal Mind,” joins us today to talk about group identity politics, why the left shuts down debate, and how, over time, the left and the right have gradually switched places on a variety of issues.

Liberals are saying tax reform will benefit big businesses and rich Americans, not middle-class and lower-income Americans. Heritage Foundation tax policy analyst Adam Michel shares the facts, and we look at what two business owners have to say about tax reform.

The Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner joins us today to discuss why President Trump’s national security strategy, released today, matters–and how it differs in its treatment of Islamist terrorism from President Obama’s strategy. We also discuss the long-ranging cultural implications of the tax bill, and why Chick-fil-A is once again the hero.

Is House Speaker Paul Ryan soon to retire? One report says so. We discuss who could be next in line, and what that could mean for conservative priorities in Congress. Plus: why the left is being ridiculous about the repeal of net neutrality today, and what a new poll shows about whether Americans think of Christmas a religious or cultural holiday.

What does losing a Republican in the Senate mean? How liberal is Doug Jones, the Democrat who did win in Alabama last night? What about the long-term implications for the GOP, given the sexual misconduct allegations Roy Moore faced? We discuss. Plus: the House and Senate have agreed to a tax deal (and you might see the effects in February), and the outrageously biased texts of an FBI agent formerly involved in the Russia-Trump investigation.

Is a former Facebook executive right about the evils of social media? We debate. Plus we talk about transgenderism and children, the Democrats’ attempts to get the Dreamers legalized, Lois Lerner’s ongoing fight, and whether Netflix shamed Christmas movie fans.

An attempted terror attack in New York has the nation’s eyes back on security issues. Heritage Foundation expert David Inserra joins us to discuss the situation and how our leaders can best secure the homeland. Plus: Iraq celebrates the downfall of ISIS, another congressman resigns, and the Justice Department finally goes after Planned Parenthood.

Are the Democrats hypocrites when it comes to politicians accused of sexual misconduct? We discuss that, as well as the Palestinian uproar over President Trump announcing move of the U.S. Embassy to Israel, and the universities trying to ban Christmas.

Government funding runs out on Friday, and some Democrats want to hold up business for an amnesty deal. Trump is calling their bluff. We discuss with Heritage Foundation expert Hans von Spakovsky. Plus: The Supreme Court hands Trump a win on the “travel ban,” the president announces a major policy shift in Israel, and why some politicians prefer to ignore voter fraud.

Religious liberty and same-sex marriage finally clash at the Supreme Court today. We discuss the stakes for every American. Plus: Russia gets itself banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics, a U.S. Congressman resigns in disgrace, and why the federal government won’t get off our lawn (literally).

Heritage Foundation’s Emilie Kao breaks down the case of baker Jack Phillips, being heard by the Supreme Court Tuesday, has wide-ranging implications for free speech and for people of faith in many professions. Plus: why President Trump’s use of “merry Christmas” matters.

What’s it like in the West Wing these days? Rob Bluey gives us a sneak peek at a forthcoming interview with former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka. Plus: New details emerge in the string of sexual assault allegations rocking the media, and personnel changes may be afoot in the administration.

Congress is facing a budget deadline Dec. 8. Heritage Foundation’s Romina Boccia explains what’s at stake. Plus: the latest on the tax reform debate, and Poland’s push for no work on Sundays.

What is net neutrality? Why does FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai think we’d be better off without it? We explain. Plus: Congress’ new attempt to combat sexual harassment, and President Trump’s fight with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Sen. Chuck Grassley announced he won’t hold up two judicial nominees any more because of “blue slips.” We explain. Plus: drama at the CFPB, and Prince Harry’s engaged to an American.

What kind of reforms would encourage work, marriage, and result in happier live for some Americans? Heritage Foundation’s Mare Fishpaw joins us to explain that, and why the individual mandate isn’t working. Plus: why President Trump is making the right call on elephant hunting.

We discuss President Trump declaring North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, and new allegations of inappropriate behavior from Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and a New York Times reporter. Talking about the death of a Border Patrol agent, Kelsey Harkness tells us what it’s like on the United States-Mexico border.