Stories for you today: Skier Lindsey Vonn says she doesn’t want to represent Donald Trump at the Winter Olympics; (which may be irrelevant because…) Nikki Haley isn’t so sure that the US will be at the Winter Olympics; and new research shows that the human race has peaked. Question of the Day: Do you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”

Stories for you today: Another one of Robert Mueller’s top investigators is outed as anti-Trump; the FBI was increasingly politicized under Mueller and Comey; and Trump is undoing another Obama-era regulation (Michelle Obama is not going to be happy). Question of the Day: Who’s the most famous person you ever met?

Stories for you today: Steve Bannon doesn’t want Mitt Romney to be a senator; a new report out about Charlottesville is pretty damning for police; and relatives of the victims of last year’s Berlin Christmas market terrorist attack are not pleased with Angela Merkel. Plus, a bonus story and your Question of the Day: Did you walk to school by yourself when you were a kid?

Stories for you today: A Republican Congressman is so ticked at the FBI that he’s threatening them with contempt of Congress; is Kamala Harris the inevitable Democrat nominee in 2020?; and why is it that we still know jack all about the Las Vegas massacre? Plus, pervnadoes, and the Question of the Day: Why exactly has the Las Vegas shooting story disappeared from the headlines with so few questions answered?

Stories for you today: Net neutrality supporters have taken to issuing death threats; Nikki Haley tells to China to cut off oil to North Korea … or else; and, yes, your Amazon Echos and Google Homes are watching you. Plus, Christian Toto stops by to preview movies coming out in December. (Yes, there are movies other than Star Wars!) Question of the Day: Why are you a conservative?

Stories for you today: The Trump administration puts an end to taxpayer-funded purchases of Iranian nuclear materials; the NFL’s TV partners are set to lose up to $500 million due to the decline in ratings; and American Airlines is facing a serious pilot shortage for the Christmas season. Question of the day: Are you still watching the NFL?

Stories for you today: One conservative writer argues that conservative donors are “mostly stupid”; Black Lives Matter is organizing a “Black Xmas”; and Facebook is using AI to detect suicidal thoughts. What could go wrong? Plus a bonus story that leads to the Question of the Day: What is your favorite Christmas song?

ISIS issues a threat against Times Square; Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets; and the VA has failed to report up 90 percent of providers they have deemed to be “dangerous.” Plus, a bonus story and your Question of the Day: It’s #GivingTuesday — what are your favorite charities to donate to?

The DNC is having financial woes; a midwestern hospital system has fired 50 employees for not getting flu shots; and Princeton has issued guidelines for students on how to behave appropriately on the dance floor. Plus, a bonus story! Question of the Day: Do you think it’s within an employer’s right to mandate employees get a flu shot?

Stories for you today: A Washington Post columnist doesn’t like the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders treats the media; police can request your DNA from 23andMe and; and Anheuser-Busch is moving ahead with plans to brew beer on Mars (dilly, dilly!). Question of the Day: When will you start decorating for Christmas?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and the Three Martini Lunch podcast joins Teri to remember Thanksgivings of years past and appreciating the blessings of Thanksgiving present.

Stories for you today: Some Democrat Attorneys General have it out for the Little Sisters of the Poor; the Girl Scouts say you shouldn’t force your kids to hug their relatives on Thanksgiving; and a look at what was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Christian Toto of stops by with movie recommendations for the Thanksgiving weekend. Question/Challenge of the Day: Ruin Thanksgiving with four words.

Stories for you today: A great article by Kevin Williamson over at National Review about the left’s excuse factory when it comes to dealing with Bill Clinton’s victims; a follow-on to yesterday’s story about the Democracy Alliance, this time it’s all about the progressive movement’s dirty laundry when it comes to sexual abuse; and the story of the murdered border patrol agent. Plus, a bonus story and the question of the day: How do you deal with “that person” who makes your Thanksgiving meal unbearable by talking politics?

Stories for you today: After achieving success in Virginia and New Jersey, we now know the left’s next target; why no one is talking about the deal Trump cut with China; and, you guessed it, backlash against the Museum of the Bible has begun. Bonus story: men are more cutthroat than women when it comes to this popular board game. Question of the Day: What is your favorite board game?

Stories for you today: Hillary Clinton will guest edit the December edition of the always-odious Teen Vogue; the story of fired Dallas D.A. Jody Warner proves women are abusers, too; and the Museum of the Bible opens today in Washington, DC. Also, conservative movie critic Christian Toto of HollywoodInToto drops by to talk about new movies Justice League and The Star. Question of the Day: Marvel vs. DC — which universe do you prefer?

Stories for you today: Twitter has removed the verified status check marks from the accounts of far-right personalities; hate crimes targeting Jewish Americans are on the rise; and a retired Marine keeps the promise he made in a bunker in Vietnam. And Michael Stopa from the Harvard Lunch Club podcast shares his thoughts on Thanksgiving. Question of the Day: Are there any Thanksgiving foods you refuse to eat?

Stories for you today include the arrest of a crazypants anti-Trumper, the revelation that the House of Representatives is using taxpayer money to quiet sexual harassment allegations against members, and Fox News’ Shep Smith does what Shep Smith does best by ticking off viewers. And “Michael in the Morning’s” own Michael Graham stops by to talk about his most hated Thanksgiving food. Question of the Day: Do you watch Fox News?

Stories for you today include a Democrat congressional candidate who was arrested on stalking charges, an anti-Trump hotel being opened in DC, and a North Korean radio station that was hacked to play one of the ’80s worst songs on repeat. Special guest Jon Gabriel stops by to talk all things Thanksgiving. Question of the Day: You have to pick one pie for Thanksgiving – will it be apple or pumpkin?

A storm is brewing over Keurig (and it’s all Roy Moore’s fault), one NFL team is discovering the hard way that anti-American actions have consequences, and a new study links spanking and mental health issues. Question of the Day: Should children be spanked?

For you today: A new movie about Wendy Davis, Anthony Weiner wants you to be his pen pal, and will this year’s flu shot actually work? Interview: Justin Roberts, an Army chaplain whose movie, No Greater Love, hits theaters today, just in time for Veterans Day. Question of the Day: Do you get a flu shot every year?