George Gilder and Jay Richards have a wide ranging discussion on the topics and people that will converge for COSM 2021 Technology Summit. From Life After Google to Life After Capitalism, from artificial intelligence to paradigm shifting new search technologies, they cover the paradoxes of the future of technology. Visit for speakers, schedules and registration information.

Matt McIlwain, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group moderates a discussion of when we can expect super AIs with Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Director, Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence; Dr. Oren Etzioni, CEO, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence; and Dr. George Montaez, Professor of Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College. Read More: Is Kurzweil’s Singularity Now Nearer – Or Impossible? Read More: AI Might Help Us Unlock Our Potential But It Won’t Take Over

5G will certainly means more bandwidth, but President of AT&T Labs and CTO of AT&T Andre Fuestch explains how 5G is so different from previous generations of wireless communications that it could mean that your smartphone will go the way of the calculator.

George Gilder and Peter Thiel discuss contrarian ideas about the history of the future of technology in a wide ranging conversation about how artificial intelligence, 5G wireless and blockchain security are converging in a new era.

Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Kessler discusses regulation in technology, especially related to free speech in social media networks.  He suggests that transparency, rather than regulation, is the best way to address perceived issues and offers his offers thoughts on the future of several technology giants.

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