Antonia and Shermichael speak to David Swerdlick of The Washington Post, author of Obama, Conservative.

Since its inception, BLM has caused a lot of controversies. While it has its share of supporters, it also has its share of detractors.

To discuss the criticisms behind the movement, Shermichael and Antonia interview Democrat Strategist and Johns Hopkins University Professor, Wendy Osefo, Ph.D., and Pastor Darrell Scott, senior pastor of New Spirit Revival Center and CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and the author of the upcoming book, “Nothing to Lose.”

After the murder of George Floyd and the protesting that quickly ensued in response, a movement has been reborn: A call to defund the police. But there’s confusion about what defunding the police really looks like, leaving many wondering what it all means.

Shermichael and Antonia interview MSNBC Contributor and Professor at Morgan State University, Jason Johnson, Ph.D., and Jonathan Blanks, a visiting fellow in criminal justice at the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity to get to honest answers.

The tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man that was chased and killed by two white men in Southern Georgia, has put the Black Lives Matter movement and the broader topic of racism back into the news cycle. It also has put the history of lynching and anti-lynching bills back into the spotlight. In this episode, Shermichael and Antonia discuss the history of lynching and also interview key experts in the subject of lynching in America as well as the Ahmaud Arbery case as it unfolds.