Johnathon Bush is the owner and founder of Not Just Cookies Wholesale Bakery. Not Just Cookies is an online bakery using the power of technology, ghost delivery, and mobile apps to bring fresh cookies coast to coast. Not Just Cookies is here to give you amazing desserts, the right way. We offer traditional desserts and allergen-free desserts to our customers. Johnathon started his first business 14 years ago when he was 13, in his mom’s kitchen as a result of his passion for business and love for desserts. Johnathon is an alum of the ASCEND program through Northwestern University, 10,000 Small Business alum by Goldman Sachs, Founder First alum, ICIC alum, and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Chicago, and other media outlets. Johnathon has a passion for encouraging and fostering youth entrepreneurship, free enterprise and is currently building his NJC brand globally.

Cathleen Daly is a multi-passionate creative professional, business owner, and public speaker based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her diverse marketing and communications experiences range from working with local businesses to corporate Fortune 500 companies that span the industries of fashion, non-profits, film + tv production, government, real estate, higher education, and construction. Daly graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Public Administration in Government & Policy from Grand Canyon University.

Daly also manages her business and brand, Discovering Daly LLC. Through her blog and social media channels, she creates lifestyle, career, fashion, and travel-focused content along with partnering with businesses, creatives, and local events as a brand ambassador. Through her business entity, she works with personal branding and business clients in discovering their unique voices through consulting and speaking + training events. Her clientele encompasses the sectors of real estate, personal branding, retail, blogging, printing, executive leaders, and business owners.

Jon Willis is a proud father, husband, 6th generation Arizonan and executive of several companies across multiple industries. At the age of 18, Jon obtained his real estate license and joined his family office that focuses on real estate brokerage, development and investment. He quickly achieved success by assisting in the development and brokering  hundreds of millions worth of commercial real estate in the Phoenix Metro Area. Jon was also recognized as one of Arizona’s top real estate instructors and speakers in that field.

Jon later leveraged his expansive skill set, business acumen, and networking capabilities to expand into the digital marketing world. Jon became the CEO of Matchstick Media (Phoenix, AZ), a premiere digital marketing agency that specializes in brand strategy, viral campaigns, driving massive traffic, and innovative hyper-targeted marketing techniques. His digital marketing agency has worked and helped several notable companies, brands, organizations, and influencers scale their brands to new heights and achieve incredible returns on investment.

Carrie E. Hull as Executive Director of the Great Meadow Foundation. Hull’s enthusiasm for stewarding Great Meadow into the future has only grown as she has learned more about the traditions and memories that make it so special. Hull came to Great Meadow following a tenure as the Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Council where she also served as publisher of The Equiery, Maryland’s premier equestrian magazine. A Washington D.C. resident and alumni of George Washington University, Hull has lifelong ties to the equestrian community and brings a wealth of fundraising experience to the Foundation.


Jason Turnquist is a proactive, effective marketing and sales consultant with a passion for helping businesses find ways to improve their bottom line. He works at Fyresite who currently provides custom iOS & Android Apps, Web Apps and Website Development services, along with Brand Identity design.

Fyresite currently partners with Zinkn, Greystar, Green Mountain Grills, HBI International, Help Inc., Beef Eater, Modern Flames, Arizona Fireplaces, Arizona State University, Dr. Daniel Barrett, Excelfore, and many more!

As a young immigrant from Guadalajara, Mexico, Carlos Alfaro grew up in the East Valley and has dedicated himself to promoting meaningful conversations and social change.

To many, Alfaro is the go-to public affairs and policy events advisor in Arizona. As one of the most involved government relations professionals, he founded Arizona Talks to create new, unique spaces for discussion and rigorous debate on some of the most pressing issues. He brings his creativity and passion for conversation in leading the Arizona Talks staff.

Fernando Villar started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2015 after he read the Bitcoin white paper. Having studied economics and a proponent of laissez-faire system of economy, he immediately realized how this technology would transform the way people will transact and interact online. In the following years, he dedicated his time and energy to discovering how this technology works and how people can start investing safely & effectively. During the 2020 crypto boom, Fernando founded CoinMaestro after noticing how many people were interested in investing in crypto but going about hastily without truly understanding what they were getting into with this technology.


Josh Morales’ career trajectory started as a young kid who was interested in “how things worked.” His dad often tells a story of how, when he was five, he found tools in the garage and used them to disassemble a new wagon they had just purchased. And now Morales is the CEO of StarNav LLC. At StarNav, they produce technologies that convert ambient signals that were never intended for position, navigation, and timing (PNT) into accurate and reliable PNT information. This technology has been proven to enhance the safety of several human-operated and autonomous applications.

This podcast is brought to you by America’s Future. We offer rising generations opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership and community engagement through our national network and extensive array of programming.

Our guest on this episode is Harrison Rogers, a serial entrepreneur and investor who is passionate about turning ideas into lucrative ventures. Rogers found another passion after having turned around a few distressed companies and returning them to very healthy and profitable positions. Moving forward Harrison is just as excited and passionate about investing in and helping distressed companies as he is investing in and starting new ventures.

This podcast is brought to you by America’s Future. We offer rising generations opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership and community engagement through our national network and extensive array of programming.

To kickoff Season 2 of Brewing Business, we invited Emily Ginn to join our show!

Ginn is a certified life coach and a masters-level Social Worker based in Austin, TX. Her cognitive-behavioral approach brings awareness, clarity, and support or her clients. Emily works with women considering, seeking, or undergoing fertility treatment who want to enjoy their lives even in the midst of infertility. Ginn is also the host of the IVF This podcast.

While working as a sales representative for Frito-Lay, Ozzy Perez began experimenting in the kitchen, challenging himself to put new spins on classic Mexican dishes, and now he owns his own small business.

Ozzy Perez worked in the corporate world early on in his career, but he knew there was more opportunity out there to be his own boss. With no restaurant or culinary experience, he wanted to start a food truck that actually started off as a taco cart. Now Perez owns Señor Ozzy’s Tacos y Mariscos that serves a wide variety of fare from tacos to hot dogs.

Career coaches sometimes get a bad rap, but their messaging is clear and motivating for their clients. Take Quentin for example, he’s an author, entrepreneur, activist, and son. With an act for generating revenue and clearer mindsets with his clients, Quentin tells of his history in business and the important tools one must use to follow a steady career path in a positive direction.

A rockstar career coach, and dedicated professional, Quentin McCain joins the podcast to enlighten our viewers on the course to transformation! His embrace to further enhance mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being lends the idea that all of us can be successful. It just takes a positive mindset and ability to say “no” to projects when you need to. We take a deep dive with Quentin on how he earned his title as author and entrepreneur in this episode of brewing business with Austin Jack. Check out his latest book to learn even more about him “Think on These Things”.

Many young adults are intimidated by running for office, even on the local level. But, Joseph Mitchell is working to change that, his group, Run GenZ, works to recruit, empower, and mentor conservative trailblazers from Generation Z to pursue election to public office and win, leading state and local chambers and councils toward a more constitutionally-focused to recruit, empower, and mentor conservative trailblazers from Generation Z to pursue election to public office and win, leading state and local chambers and councils toward a more constitutionally-focused government.

America’s Future offers rising generations opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership and community engagement through our national network and extensive array of programming.

All of his experiences led to the design of what has become a globally recognized brand generating millions of dollars for organizations around the world. But how did those experiences contribute to a vision he was always developing? Chris Ronzio reveals his story as the Founder and CEO of Trainual — a training platform that all of us can use.

Online services make up a large percentage of our daily lives. And workplaces around the world are looking for the latest tools to not only streamline their processes, but create standard operating procedures that can withstand the test of time. A company by the name of Trainual has shocked the onboarding employee process for 100s of companies around the world, and today, we find out how it’s Founder came to the conclusion that this software needed to be affordable, easy to use, and adaptable to any team environment. At a young age, Chris Ronzio is now becoming a business leader who claims all of his endeavors lead to the creation of a company he plans to spend the rest of his life growing.

Breaking into a new industry is always a challenge, but when you sell your business to move on to greater things in the real estate world that challenge can totally be worthwhile! And for Christine Ong it was.

The real estate market is at an all time high in the US. Homes are selling at a record pace, and new realtors are finding huge value in marketplaces around the country. But what about the brand of these realtors? Do homeowners look for agents who share their values and have a compelling story? Or do they just want their home sold as soon as possible? Join us for an episode with Christine Ong Cothrun who works with some of the Southwest’s most popular agents and hear her story about the sacrifices her grandparents made when immigrating to the US.

The gig economy seeps into every market. And Rolando Aguilar saw a huge opportunity to bring the gig economy to lawn services and landscaping. His app, Yard Service on Demand, is an easy solution for a homeowner to find a reliable landscaper at your fingertips.

America’s Future offers rising generations opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership and community engagement through our national network and extensive array of programming.

Leading in both the non-profit and private sectors, this young entrepreneurs knows how to tell a story about how socialism ruins nations across the globe. Starting with an experience in her dorm room with a socialist, the Founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, Morgan Zegers, tells us her story as a business and non-profit leader in her 20s.

There is no question that the topic of socialism is a rising commodity in public education today. However, who are those advocating against such an infamous ideology? In today’s episode, we bring you a young female voice, Morgan Zegers, who is attracting the masses to her online commentary and education about socialism at Young Americans Against Socialism. From discussions about philosophy to the challenges of building a business while in college, this young gun really knows how to balance thought leadership and business in one place.

When deciding to start a franchise, one may think money is the only risk at stake, but in Erica’s case, it was her cow, her tequila business and her livelihood! This episode is all about risk taking and Erica Sanchez joins us to tell her journey of truly risking it all.

When do you make that decision to sell it all for greater outcomes? And how much risk do you take to really grow to the next level as a CEO? In this episode we explore what it took for one entrepreneur to truly become a top franchisee in a market that is always changing. Her drive, passion, and ability to make strategic risks guided her to become one of the nation’s leading franchise creators. And now, she’s teaching others to do the same.

With every job comes challenges, but how can employers mitigate stress levels of their employees and empower a culture of wellness? Sentari Minor joins the podcast to answer this question and more importantly, lend advice on how to maximize employee output.

In the conversation we discuss the importance of mental and behavioral health. Exploring opportunities for positive reinforcement and honest communication, Sentari tackles answers about team members battling diseases not detected by your primary care physician but by a license psychiatrist to diagnose behavioral health issues we can all overcome. His outlook on work-life balance lend an interesting take for any employer looking to create an open, honest, and high functioning work environment.

In the beer brewing business, women are underrepresented, and Megan Greenwood joins the podcast to tell her story from corporate job to the brewing room.

In this conversation we discuss challenges women face in the industry, how risk taking is the only way to challenge your vision for a business or idea, and the complexity of team make ups. We reveal how Megan rose to the occasion to become one of the ONLY female conservative brewers in the country. From an executive position with a high paying salary, to a female brewer ready to take the industry by storm!