Bill talks with Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, about the incredible success of her poor, disadvantaged inner-city students. Bill also shares his own thoughts on the rapid growth of Antifa and the violent Left and how it’s creeping into mainstream politics. Then he talks with Professor John Marini about the rise of identity politics in America, why it’s so harmful to our republic and how President Trump is fighting back and trying to bring Americans together.

Bill talks with Byron York about Pres. Trump’s decision to end DACA and if the president is setting up a deal that will finally secure the border and build the wall and in return grant a pathway to legalization for the “dreamers.” Then, it’s back to school week and Bill talks with Checker Finn about the state of American education and what schools are doing the best job of lifting disadvantaged students to education excellence. Finally, Bill dives into the debate over race, monuments and American history with Joel Farkas.

Amy Wax and Larry Alexander, professors of law at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of San Diego, respectively, wrote an op-ed recently which argued that not all cultures are equal. In response, many of their colleagues in higher education went berserk. Bill interviews Prof. Wax about the op-ed and the controversy that erupted. Then Bill talks with Congressman Ron DeSantis about his proposal to rein in the Mueller investigation and stop it from turning into a witch hunt out to get Pres. Trump. Finally, Bill and Brian Kennedy discuss how Pres. Trump has handled the major crises before him, particularly Hurricane Harvey and the continued aggression of North Korea.

Bill explains why the movement to rid the country of statues and monuments of anyone linked to slavery or the Confederacy is wrong. He also discusses why the effort to tie President Trump and his supporters to white supremacists will backfire on liberals. Then Bill has a hilarious conversation with Steve Wynn about lessons learned from marriage and life.

Bill shares his thoughts on the violence and protests in Charlottesville. He explains why the police and authorities should have done more to stop the violence and how they let the protests spiral out of control. He also defends President Trump’s handling of the situation and blasts those who are trying to link Trump and conservatives to white supremacists. (NOTE: This podcast was recorded before President Trump’s press conference Tuesday afternoon.)

Bill shares his thoughts on the escalating situation with North Korea and the chances that Pres. Trump will launch an attack. Then Bill talks with Alan Dershowitz, one of the sharpest legal minds in the country, about the Mueller investigation and whether Mueller is out to get Pres. Trump. Bill also continues his exclusive interview with Steve Wynn. The two discuss the dangerous polarization in America today and how we can bring the country together again. Finally, Bill talks with Joel Farkas about geopolitics and the quest for world dominance by Russia, China and other countries that threaten the safety of the world.

Bill welcomes the new Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, to the show and the two discuss the administration’s efforts to boost American energy exports, including the major announcement of a new deal to export U.S. coal to Ukraine. Bill also shares his own thoughts on the wild week in Washington politics and the selection of Gen. Kelly to be the new White House Chief of Staff. Then, Bill talks with Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, about his new game-changing resort in Boston and how he continues to stay ahead of his competition.

Bill is joined by Brian Kennedy, president of the American Strategy Group, and the two discuss the latest news regarding the GOP’s attempt to repeal Obamacare. They also debate whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign and if Pres. Trump is handling the situation properly. Then Steve Wynn, the Finance Chair of the RNC, joins Bill to discuss the RNC’s record fundraising haul and how the party plans to build on its majorities in Congress.

Putting aside the Civil War, is America more divided culturally and politically now than ever before? Bill tackles that question with one of America’s great historians, Dr. Allen Guelzo. Bill also shares his thoughts on the GOP failure to repeal and replace Obamacare and what this means for Pres. Trump’s agenda and the future of the GOP majority. Finally, with college football season right around the corner, the man who knows more about college football than anyone else, Phil Steele, joins Bill to preview the upcoming season and give his predictions. 

Bill shares his thoughts on the release of Donald Trump Jr.’s emails and what the political fallout will be. Then Bill dives into the Trump economy with Steve Moore and they discuss whether we’ll ever see three or four percent economic growth again. Are North Korea’s latest missile launches an attempt – aided by China – to test the strength of the Trump administration? Brian Kennedy explains what’s going on with North Korea and China and how Pres. Trump should respond.

Bill talks with Joel Farkas about the media’s war with Pres. Trump and why Trump should not back off. Then he discusses the breaking news of North Korea’s successful intercontinental ballistic missile test with Gordon Chang. Finally, Seth Leibsohn and Chris Buskirk join Bill to discuss their new book American Greatness and why so many “experts” underestimated Donald Trump and got the 2016 election wrong.

Bill discusses Pres. Trump’s big win before the Supreme Court after it upholds most of his travel ban. Bill also weighs in on the latest news regarding Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. Then, foreign policy expert Michael Del Rosso joins Bill to discuss the war against ISIS abroad in Mosul and Syria as well as at home in the fight against the spread of radical Islam. Finally, he talks with David French about the legal and political implications of the Supreme Court upholding the travel ban and what comes next for Trump’s immigration plan.