Bill spoke with Tom Joscelyn and Conrad Black about the Killing of Qasem Soleimani, Iran, Impeachment and the 2020 election.

Tom Joscelyn is the Senior Fellow at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies and Senior Editor at the Long War Journal. Conrad Black is an author and non affiliated member of the house of Lords.

Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts and the Finance Chair at the RNC joined Bill and explored the thought that President Trump could be the right guy at the right time for America. Joel Farkas, Director of the American Strategy Group, joined Bill us to discuss the Trump economy and where it is working in America. Bill also spoke with historian Niall Ferguson about his new book “The Square and the Tower”.

Bill conducts a new exclusive interview with Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts and Finance Chair of the RNC. Wynn announces that all of his employees will get an increase in their take-home pay because of tax reform. Then, Bill talks with House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte about his important legislation to fix DACA, build the wall and restore border security. Finally, Brian Kennedy of the American Strategy Group joins Bill to talk about Russia’s secret assistance to North Korea and how Pres. Trump boldly confronted them about it. He also reviews Pres. Trump’s first year in office and explains how to defend the president’s record.

On the heels of Michael Wolff’s new book, many liberals are attacking Pres. Trump as unfit for office and trying to invoke the 25th Amendment. Bill explains how Pres. Trump shredded those attacks in just one day. He also shares his thoughts on the president’s negotiations with Democrats over DACA, the wall and immigration reform. Then, legal expert David Rivkin joins Bill to respond to reports that Robert Mueller may try and charge Pres. Trump with obstructing justice. Next, Bill interviews Tom Joscelyn about the protests in Iran, the status of the war against ISIS and what this all means for the balance of power in the Middle East. Finally, the election of 2016 revealed the parlous conditions of many rural Americans. Pres. Trump is trying to rescue them, but many liberal elites think small-town America is a lost cause and cities are the future. Joel Farkas joins Bill to explain why that thinking is wrong and harmful to many Americans.

Bill shares his thoughts on the feud between Steve Bannon and Pres. Trump. Then, Bill interviews Larry Kudlow, a key architect of the Republican tax reform legislation, about the impact tax reform will have in 2018. Kudlow also shares his perspective on Bannon vs. Trump and why he thinks Bannon “is through politically.” Next, Michael Rubin joins Bill to explain what’s behind the protests in Iran and why Trump was right to come out in support of the protesters.

Bill explains why he thinks Pres. Trump’s first year has been one of the most consequential years of a presidency in modern history. Then, he dissects Pres. Trump’s new national security strategy with Brian Kennedy, president of the American Strategy Group. Next, Bill reviews the highs and lows of American education in 2017 with education expert Checker Finn.

Bill interviews Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, about his incredible journey from drug addiction to sobriety and the creation of one of the world’s most successful pillow companies. Then Bill talks with Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group about California’s terrible housing crisis. Finally, Bill continues his exclusive conversation with Steve Wynn. Steve explains how we should use our immigration system to improve the quality of the country and institute respect for the rule of law.

Bill shares his thoughts on today’s Senate election in Alabama. Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s former campaign manager, joins Bill to make his predictions and analyze what a Roy Moore win or loss means for the future of American politics. Then, Steve Wynn, the Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts and the Finance Chair of the RNC, explains why American business and the stock market love Pres. Trump’s economic policies and why he thinks Republicans will be able to unite and get tax reform across the finish line.

Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz joins Bill to explain how the Mueller investigation has gone off the rails and why it won’t come to much. Bill also shares his thoughts on the fallout of all the recent sexual assault revelations. Then, Brian Kennedy and Bill discuss the fall of Venezuela and why it’s a case study in the perils and problems of socialism and communism. Finally, Steve Wynn rebuts the liberal attacks on the GOP tax reform plan and explains why tax cuts will benefit hardworking Americans and the economy at large.

Bill shares his thoughts on the latest sexual assault revelations regarding Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor. He also weighs in on the chances the GOP can get tax reform passed. Then Bill interviews Gordon Chang about North Korea’s new and most dangerous missile test to date. Next, Bill talks with Seth Leibsohn about his candidacy for Congress in Arizona. After, Bill discusses “fake news” and the state of journalism today with Martha MacCallum. Finally, Steve Wynn explains why Pres. Trump’s speech in South Korea was so important and why he thinks Kim Jong-un’s belligerent actions will ultimately lead to the downfall of his regime.

Bill interviews RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel about the GOP’s once-in-a-lifetime chance to get major tax reform passed. Next, Steve Moore breaks down the nitty-gritty details of the House and Senate tax reform plans and how they can come to an agreement. Afterward, Bill shares his thoughts on tax reform and the latest developments regarding Roy Moore. Then, Bill welcomes Brian Kennedy of the American Strategy Group back to the show to dissect and analyze Pres. Trump’s visit to Asia and explain how the U.S. should approach its relationship with China and its handling of North Korea.

Bill shares his thoughts on the Roy Moore situation and how Republicans should handle it. Next, Bill welcomes Steve Wynn back to the show to discuss the Democrats’ wins in last week’s elections as well as the president’s important trip to Asia. Then, Bill talks with John Hinderaker about the Roy Moore predicament and whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions should appoint more special prosecutors to go after Democrat scandals. Finally, Bill interviews Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group about the “experts” who predicted that Pres. Trump would ruin the country and the economy and why none of that is coming true.

Bill recounts his debate with Michael Chertoff, former secretary of homeland security, over Pres. Trump’s travel ban and immigration policies. Then Bill discusses Tuesday’s election results and interviews Sen. James Risch, a key member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about Pres. Trump’s Asia trip and his handling of North Korea and China. Finally, Bill talks with Brian Kennedy about the spree of recent attacks in America and how we should address the problem of evil in a free society.

Bill shares his thoughts on the terror attack in New York City and how we should respond, particularly in regards to getting rid of the visa lottery program that allowed the attacker to come to the U.S. Then, Bill talks with Congressman Ron DeSantis about the attack, our immigration policies, and how Republicans should respond to the latest developments in the “Trump dossier” scandal. Bill interviews Congressman David Brat about the GOP plans for tax reform and what we can expect to see this week. Finally, Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group joins Bill to discuss Pres. Trump’s potential nominees for Chairman of the Federal Reserve. They also discuss the upcoming next round of NAFTA renegotiations.

Bill shares his thoughts on President Trump’s important opioid address and explains how we can win the war on drugs. Then Bill interviews Byron York about the remarkable and growing scandal regarding Hillary Clinton, the FBI and the “Trump dossier.” Finally, Bill has a fascinating, in-depth conversation with David Gelernter about Trump’s presidency, artificial intelligence and the future of America and technology.

Bill recaps his meeting with President Trump and speech at the Values Voter Summit. Then he talks with Andy McCarthy about Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran deal and end the Obamacare insurance bailouts. Bill also talks about U.S. forces crushing ISIS and the ongoing war against radical Islam with Brian Kennedy of the American Strategy Group. Finally, Bill continues his conversation with Steve Wynn. The two discuss race in America and how American’s true colors have shown bright in the wake of the recent hurricanes

Bill begins the podcast by sharing his thoughts on the big political stories of the week and why Pres. Trump has won the debate over the NFL and anthem protests. Next, Bill discusses the latest developments out of Las Vegas and highlights Steve Wynn’s recent comments about the killer and how to prevent another attack. Then, Bill talks with Mollie Hemingway about why Republicans need to seize the “Trump Moment” and get their agenda through before the upcoming elections. Finally, Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group joins the show to explain why countries like France and India – not exactly right-wing governments – are copying Pres. Trump’s economic agenda and why no one is giving Trump credit for it.

Bill shares his thoughts on the horrific attack in Las Vegas and responds to Democrats’ calls for greater gun control. He reflects on how well President Trump and the First Lady have handled this string of catastrophes, from the hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico and now the mass murder in Las Vegas. Bill also shares more of his interview with Steve Wynn, one of the titans of industry in Las Vegas, and some very prescient thoughts Wynn had about the security risks Las Vegas faces and what he’s done to try and improve security at his properties.

Bill talks with Robert Costa of the Washington Post about Roy Moore’s win in Alabama, the failure of the GOP to repeal Obamacare, the debut of the Republican tax reform plan and what this all means for President Donald Trump. Then, Bill continues his interview with Steve Wynn about the RNC’s record-fundraising hauls and why the Republican message continues to resonate throughout the country. Finally, Bill jumps into the NFL’s national anthem controversy with Brian Kennedy of the American Strategy Group. The two defend Trump’s position and explain why a lack of U.S. history knowledge is behind so many of our country’s problems today.

Bill talks with RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn about the RNC’s record fundraising hauls. In the month of July alone, the RNC outraised the DNC by over $6 million! Then Bill talks with Laura Ingraham about her new show on Fox News and how Pres. Trump is doing so far. After that, Bill analyzes Pres. Trump’s big UN speech with Conrad Black. Finally, Bill tackles the issue of income inequality with Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group.