Closing out the week and the month and the election season, James Lileks takes us through The Best of Ricochet.

As the ACB nomination and the election campaign continues apace, James Lileks brings you this week’s highlights from the Ricochet Audio Network.

Heading down the stretch the Tech Giants are feeling their oats. If you can’t post the Post… you’re toast. James Lileks hosts the weekly roundup on The Best of Ricochet.

Our own version of Mr. October, James Lileks, returns with another round-up of podcasters swinging for the fences. We have taxes, debates, book club meetings, and in the spirit of the late Yankee Clipper, top it off with a really good cup of coffee.

This week on The Best of Ricochet, a round-up of post-debate opinion, a look toward the Far East, and The Dispatch sneaks in to PG-13 movies.

Now that we’re condensing the week into digest form we can work on that line of condensed best sellers, too.

This week: The passing of RBG and the politics of her replacement, the continued civil unrest, the mystery of Jeff Bezos and one of our hosts has a brush with a serial killer.

If you were twirling the radio dials this past Saturday night you may have stumbled upon the latest offering from Radio America: The Best of Ricochet, hosted by James Lileks. We hope this will serve as an introduction to our site and to our wide selection of podcasts to a whole new audience. Then, starting next Sunday the most current episode will be available for streaming and download. Think of it as the Reader’s Digest of Podcasting. Hope you’ll tag along with us!

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