The left reveals their anti-freedom agenda. But Americans begin to fight back.

Our country is now so dysfunctional, decades old comedy routines have become reality.

Well done, Rush Limbaugh. Plus John Wayne and the Indians.

We are living under government by Reality TV.

We are living under government by Reality TV. 

Elites respond to their failures by trying to silence critics and rewrite reality. Plus Sharyl Atkisson on the death of journalism.

It’s not always right vs left anymore; often, it’s just us vs them. Plus naked girls and what Crash Bandicoot can teach us about the Gospels.

President Biden calls for unity, while the left moves to cancel conservatism. Plus Ross Douthat on Decadence.

Our elites are idiots. Our ruling class has failed. Now we, the people, led by God, are going to have to become magnificent.

The Left has been slowly trying to destroy everything about American pop culture. Music? Check. Movies? Definitely. TV? Absolutely. Video Games? Not yet, but they’re starting to overtake that industry as well.

The Last Of Us 2 exposed some real problems in the gaming industry – and Ghost Of Tsushima did the exact opposite. I compare the two games to explain why we must keep the left from further invading the video game industry.

We all can agree that Obama was a pretty terrible president, but do you know the most important things Trump cleaned up from his administration?

Next year all our troubles will be far away.


Kayleigh McEnany rips the press to pieces. Plus the Chinese Mailbag: a plague of wisdom.


When the loudmouths go home and the smoke clears, we will see how he changed the game.


When I’m the sanest person in America, we’re in deep trouble.


Hunter is under investigation which means the media silenced the truth to help the Big Guy win the election.

Eric Swalwell is you – he may have also been China. So are you China? Plus Jenna Ellis on the election. Plus the mailbag.

Politicians and Media love a crisis. But they are the crisis.


Why won’t the right just believe those nice elites?