I wouldn’t have believed it, if I didn’t see it myself. Plus the mailbag.

The Chinese Virus inflames the American divide.

As America struggles toward reopening, a stunning disdain for the struggles of ordinary people marks the elitist left.

Plus Glenn Beck on Arguing with Socialists.

Obama endorsements shove Sleepy Joe toward socialism. And the mailbag solves everything — wuhan… I mean, whoo-hoo!

Trump brilliantly torches our destructive news media, then says some dumb crap about having total authority.

Real politicians on both sides face the big question of when to reopen, as screwball governors and mayors go full Napoleon.


Who is SPECTRE? WHO is SPECTRE. They expect us to die, Mr. Bond. Plus Franklin Graham.


Conspiracy theories to the left and right but Trump keeps standing for federalism and freedom. Plus the mailbag… so… wuhu!

Americans have to work past the media in a search for the truth. Plus Rep. Dan Crenshaw on “Fortitude.”


As the worst approaches, it’s time to plan for better times.


China lied, people died, the media helped. Plus some classic stuff to watch during quarantine.


Hope and fear as we near the peak. Plus the mailbag – all (or at least most of) your problems solved.


Trump talks American while press strangles on an acid gob of hate — so things proceed normally.

As we near the peak, leaders try, ordinary people soar and the press sinks in its own hate like a dinosaur in a tar pit.


A party exposed by an act of God.


Democrat media wants to silence Trump — to win, they’ll need to silence Biden! Plus the mailbag.


In their lowest moment yet, Democrats depend on the press to cover for them. Those days are done.

Trump against the virus, Democrats against Trump

The Kung Flu pandemic has shown us an America in need of new ideas.