Twenty years later, it turns out our worst enemy was within. Plus Heather Mac Donald on the new crime wave.

Joe Biden announced a sweeping new federal vaccine mandate that will affect millions of Americans. Large companies must require that employees get vaccinated, or undergo weekly COVID testing. The Daily Wire has chosen to not comply with Biden’s authoritarian nonsense. Here’s why.

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Joe Biden won the presidency by hiding in the basement while corporate media lied and covered up for him. But the whole world can see him now.

Christopher Rufo, writer, director, and City Journal Contributing Editor, joins us to discuss the growing emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all facets of American society, and how Critical Race Theory is antithetical to our core values.

Who will own tomorrow? Plus Charles Murray on race and IQ.

A venal and demented old fool of a president single-handedly creates an American debacle that is 70’s Saigon, Carter’s Iran and Obama’s Iraq disaster all rolled into one.

Let me tell you the story of why I was “cancelled” by Hollywood, and why it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Ashley Rindsberg, author of The Gray Lady Winked, joins us to discuss how the “Paper of Record” has often prioritized ideology over news throughout its storied history, and how this has consequently shaped history in profound ways.

From MeToo to Wuflu, the American Press is no longer the American Press. Plus great stories about amnesia and why they matter.

Leftism fails again and again. It must be the right’s fault! Plus two terrific movies you’ve definitely never seen.

Government and Media lie, then blame the people for not believing them. Plus Brad Thor on thrillers fictional and real.

Dems recoil from failure of Socialism and love of America. Plus Superman’s Sex Life. And a talk with CA Governor Candidate Larry Elder.

How could we imagine parents should govern their kids’ values when clearly that power should be given to teachers unions and Hollywood’s gay mafia?

The West faces a dangerous moment. Plus a deep dive into Bo Burnham’s Inside. Plus a long talk with Michael Knowles about the future of freedom.

Leftists lie about their ideas, as parents — and reality — catch them out. Plus Sohrab Amari on the great tradition.

Europe is delighted with a president who is part of the “club” of western decay. Plus Entrepreneurs in Cars guy Richard Cooper on the “cold hard truth about women.”

The left is going insane trying to escape the truths of Western Culture. Spencer Klavan joins.

Sexual sickness and political corruption are the left’s stock in trade. Jenna Ellis joins us to talk about Election Integrity.

The left cries over racism, bombing victims, children in cages, abused women — unless they go against the narrative. Liz Wheeler joins.

Lies and censorship can’t disguise reality forever — but they can try! Jordan Peterson joins.