They think they’re smarter than normal Americans. They just can’t see themselves.

Voices on the left and right are beginning to stand up against the Democrat’s assault on America. Plus: the secret message of dystopian fiction.

Our elites spread racial panic to hide their utter failure. Plus Spencer Klavan (no relation) on whether conservatives can make sense without God.

What Democrats and the media are doing to black Americans is a sin. Adam Carolla joins.


Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media are all against you. Have you got a chance? Plus Football great Brett Favre on sports and politics.

Lil Nas X, George Floyd, Georgia voting — the Father of Lies is large and in charge, but the Truth will rise.

The nation enters Holy Week at war with heaven. Plus the great Shelby Steele.

As a doddering president throws your money at leftist failures, the media belches out a smokescreen of lies. Plus Candace Owens explains everything.

We weep for princesses while the poor get screwed. Plus a great seduction poem in memoriam for Pepe le Pew.

The left reveals their anti-freedom agenda. But Americans begin to fight back.

Our country is now so dysfunctional, decades old comedy routines have become reality.

Well done, Rush Limbaugh. Plus John Wayne and the Indians.

We are living under government by Reality TV.

We are living under government by Reality TV. 

Elites respond to their failures by trying to silence critics and rewrite reality. Plus Sharyl Atkisson on the death of journalism.

It’s not always right vs left anymore; often, it’s just us vs them. Plus naked girls and what Crash Bandicoot can teach us about the Gospels.

President Biden calls for unity, while the left moves to cancel conservatism. Plus Ross Douthat on Decadence.

Our elites are idiots. Our ruling class has failed. Now we, the people, led by God, are going to have to become magnificent.

The Left has been slowly trying to destroy everything about American pop culture. Music? Check. Movies? Definitely. TV? Absolutely. Video Games? Not yet, but they’re starting to overtake that industry as well.

The Last Of Us 2 exposed some real problems in the gaming industry – and Ghost Of Tsushima did the exact opposite. I compare the two games to explain why we must keep the left from further invading the video game industry.