The president lays out the reasons why he thinks he won.


Diversity Ain’t Diverse: Big government with different races and both sexes is still big government. Plus the Mailbag-Elect, transitioning into wisdom.


The information crisis is a crisis of elitism.

We are in an information crisis.

As we ignore petty tyrants and gather with family, we should remember to actually give thanks. Plus the Thanksgiving Mailbag: Stuffed with Wisdom.

It’s a coup! It’s treason! It’s a climate crisis! Except… not.


Leftists to America: “Don’t interrupt our conspiracies with your stupid conspiracy theories!”


Freedom-lovers versus elite socialist lockdown hypocrite censorship-loving scare-babies? Dude! Bring it on.


Social Media’s Gang of Three claim the right to silence the people. Plus the Wu-Flu Mailbag: a pandemic of wisdom.


As detailed election results come in, a story unfolds of a great people saddled with shoddy elites.

The media wraps Democrats in illusion – now they can’t figure out what went wrong with reality?

There’s plenty to celebrate in the election results, and plenty to fear from the Disney Characters likely to enter the White House.

We can’t keep getting the news from Pennywise the Clown.

After four years of lies, resistance and impeachment, the left calls for unity.


The media that sold Russian Collusion, Trump is Hitler, and Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist now says Biden won.


If only someone had predicted that mail-in voting would be a chaotic mess! Plus the Michigan Mailbag: strangely, every question is about Biden.


A moment of waiting before the media goes back to lying.

Election Day begins. When oh when will it ever end?


The presidential election is almost here, and we have an amazing day of programming planned for you. Our live stream starts on Tuesday, November 3rd at 3pm EST and will feature several special guests, live interviews, the latest election results, and other surprises!


The looney-looking head of Twitter couldn’t care less about free speech.

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