Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) threatens revolution if Democrats aren’t allowed to kill babies, but that’s totally cool because free speech, amirite? That’s totally not insurrectionist talk. It’s not like she’s attacking our very democracy, or anything. You know, like threatening the Supreme Court with violence if the justices don’t rule the way she wants.

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Black Lives Matter is evil, Democrats are evil, Australia is evil, and yard work is awesome.

Kevin McCarthy is horrible, Slovenia is horrible, and Democrats are horrible. It’s a great podcast.

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A federal court has temporarily halted a Biden jab mandate. Trump loves Mollie Hemingway and so does Max. Government “shutdowns” are a charade, Biden has terrible polls numbers but Desantis is doing a great job protecting freedom and constitutional rights.

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There’s another COVID variant that is really, really scary, says the media. (Just in time for the Christmas season.) Also the MAGA posse is taking over in New Hampshire, which is great news, but gives the sads to the Left, meaning the media. And then, since it’s a Monday tradition here we end with a reading from the Psalms.

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Thanksgiving preparations have already begun at the Ledoux household, prompting Max to remember back to Thanksgiving 1987 when his sister got to wear a special dress for dinner at Grandma’s and he didn’t. He asked his Mama if he could wear a dress, too, and she said no. The end. That’s the story. That’s how close Max got to being chemically castrated because he was five and jealous that his sister got new clothes and he had to wear a stupid sweater vest, not knowing anything whatsoever about the differences between boys clothes and girls clothes because he was frickin’ 5 years old. Seriously, what is wrong with parents these days? Your son is not transgender, you’re just psychologically abusing him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amazon Prime’s new TV series The Wheel of Time is irritatingly woke, Kevin McCarthy is still a loser (unlike John Adams), and BLM stands for “Burn, Loot, Murder.”

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Kevin McCarthy spoke for 8 and a half hours on Thursday night, wow. Who cares? What did he accomplish? Nothing. American Maxim’s Alaska correspondent Vince Guerra joins the podcast for the very first time, to share some information about the January 6 political prisoners being held in Washington, DC. Also, Kamala Harris is the first female president of the United States because Joe Biden needed something stuck up his butt. And since it’s Monday, and to cleanse that image from your mind, Max reads Psalm 5.

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Just in time for Thanksgiving next week, the media is ramping up the coronavirus fear. OMG COVID cases are rising! Except they’re probably not. Here in New Hampshire, a committee in the house of representatives just approved a bill that would ban vaccine mandates. That’s good! Except it has no enforcement mechanism and the RINO governor, Chris Sununu, will probably veto it. Meanwhile Democrats have no sense of humor and are power mad (what’s new), so they censured Paul Gosar over anime. (Watch the video here.)

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Joe Biden tottered into New Hampshire the other day to speak from an old, small, rickety bridge in a perfect metaphor for his fraudulent presidency.

Speaking of Biden’s frailty, when’s Communist China going to invade Taiwan?

The Wyoming GOP is basically excommunicating Liz Cheney. Good for them! Liz Cheney has ignored her own voters, her constituents. She doesn’t represent the voters. She’s gone off the deep end with her hatred of Trump. Some of it must be personal, because Trump criticized her father. But now she’s cozying up with the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and the others in the House, they all called Dick Cheney, you know, Darth Vader, you know, said he was a war criminal, all that stuff. Liz Cheney is now helping the Democrats to try to destroy the Republican Party. Because that’s what this bogus January 6 commission is for. January 6 was not a national crisis. They’re using it as an excuse to go after political opponents, including regular people who voted for Donald Trump.

Also, let’s talk about how much Joe Biden sucks. His job approval is -10.8 in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. The ABC/Washington post poll from November 10 had him at negative 19. 38% approval to 57% disapprove. In the Washington Post ABC News poll!

The New York Times does not have any rights above the right that you and I have, or that James O’Keefe has. Our audience is just smaller. Project Veritas’s audience is really large, maybe as large or larger than the New York Times. But that’s not relevant. I’m sure attorneys could argue convincingly to the opposite affect, that journalists have special rights. But free speech is the principle, and a free press is just means for conveying free speech. There is no special class of rights for “reporters.”

RIGGED is the definitive account of the 2020 election. Based on Mollie Hemingway’s exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and President Trump himself, it exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats’ historic power-grab. Get your copy today: (affiliate link).

The same DOJ and FBI that perpetuated the Russia Hoax via the Steele Dossier are still targeting conservatives, using lawfare to win elections. Most recently the DOJ indicted former Trump advisor Stephen K. Bannon for contempt of Congress. No one has been charged with that in about 40 years, even though Congress has held many people in contempt, including then-Attorney General Eric Holder. The FBI raided Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home then leaked O’Keefe’s confidential information to the New York Times.

Meanwhile NeverTrump newsletter The Dispatch claps for loser Republicans who voted for Joe Biden’s so-called “infrastructure” bill.

School boards across the country are imposing extreme and dangerous mask mandates on children, and soon vaccine mandates. It’s all supposedly in the name of science and public health. But it’s not. It’s about control. They think that they own your children. They are teaching your children to be submissive. To accept dominion. In most places, the school boards are entirely Leftist. Because conservatives, people on the right, we have more important things to do, we think, than go to school board meetings. So we’ve ceded this ground, this whole area, to Leftists. And they’re poisoning the children, both physically and psychologically.

So we need to run for school board. You need to run for school board.

One of the biggest promises that Trump made was to build the wall. Now, he actually didn’t say he was going to build a wall on the entire Southern border. That wasn’t the promise. But, if we wanted to build a wall on every inch of the border, then we could. We would build it over mountains, through lakes and rivers, into canyons. It’s possible. Max thinks it’s necessary, even. Trump always said, well, there are some places where the land itself is a barrier. Like mountain. But that’s beside the point. If it were up to Max we would build a wall over the top of a mountain, just to show that we can, because we can. And the statement it would send would be so powerful. The issue has never been whether it’s feasible. It’s that the Democrats, obviously, don’t want a secure border. That’s clear from what’s happening right now. But lots of Republicans also don’t want a secure border, because they’re traitors. They’re RINOs. When Trump came into office, the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. They could have built the wall in those two years. But Paul Ryan, and other Republicans in congress, didn’t want to too.

Really, the only thing worse than an establishment NeverTrump member of the uniparty, a RINO, people like Paul Ryan, the Republicans in power in Washington D.C., in general the only thing worse than a Republican in Washington is a Democrat in Washington. And Paul Ryan absolutely deserves condemnation for tanking the Trump agenda, meaning the MAGA agenda, but he wasn’t alone.

Great news: Gov. Chris Sununu (RINO-NH) announced this morning that he will not be running for U.S. Senate next year against incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan. Unfortunately, Sununu said he will be running instead for re-election to a fourth (two year) term as governor. Max explains why Chris Sununu is a terrible, disgusting, oily, shifty politician and why Republicans should abandon him. (He likes abortion, for one thing.) The even better news is that Gen. Don Bolduc (Ret., US Army) is now the front runner for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. As Steven K. Bannon says, “Gen. Bolduc [is] a true MAGA hero.” For more information about Gen. Bolduc, listen to this interview on Ricochet’s Half Percent Podcast.

Also Ricochet member Vince Guerra is the first guest on American Maxim. Vince talks about the political prisoners being held in D.C. for wrongthink who have bad held behind bars without trial after January 6. Vince is an author so check out his website,

For about 45 seconds after last Tuesday night, where Democrats lost big in Virginia and New Jersey, and lots of other places around the country, there was talk that the Democrats in Congress would have to re-evaluate, and would back off of these extreme spending bills, because, supposedly, what politicians care about most is getting elected, or re-elected. And so the brief collective wisdom was that Democrat would pull back. And that’s nonsense. Because if the Democrats worried about that type of thing, then they wouldn’t have been pushing these spending bills all year long in the first place, given their slim majorities.

Remember when the media lost their collective minds because Donald Trump said that the fake news is the enemy of the people? Apparently a lot of the national news media, they self-identify as fake news. And really, most of them, actually, were correct, they are fake news. Well last weekend, Joe Biden, former vice president Joe Biden, as Steven Crowder calls him, his FBI, the same FBI that sent tanks, helicopters, and gun boats to arrest Roger Stone at 5 AM, and tipped off CNN that they were doing that, well, the FBI raided James O’Keefe’s apartment on Saturday morning. James O’Keefe being the head of Project Veritas. And he says that the New York Times called him for comment a few hours later, too, so someone at the FBI leaked that as well.

Happy Monday — More from the John Durham indictment of Igor Danchenko. Basically it was all Hillary Clinton. Apparently some NeverTrumpers are saying that because Danchenko is Russian that proves this was all Russian disinformation. Well, two things there. One, these  NeverTrumpers are so pathetic, don’t let them shift seamlessly to “it’s Russian disinformation” when the original claim was that Donald Trump had treasonously colluding with Putin to steal the 2016 election. Those aren’t the same things. So Danchenko being Russian doesn’t prove anything. Two, according to the indictment, Danchenko got all his information from the Hillary Clinton Campaign, basically. His real main source of information was Charles Dolan, who has been part of Clinton World since 1992 at the latest. What Danchenko is actually being accused of is lying to the FBI about not getting his information from Dolan.

Also 1.66 million illegal aliens have crossed the border this year. Because the election was stolen, and whoever is running the Biden Administration cancelled the wall construction. Of course, the entire wall could have been built in the first two years of Trump’s administration but Paul Ryan wouldn’t allow it. Because he is a Never Trumper and he was more interested in sticking it to Trump than in helping America.

Is Special Counsel John Durham trying to uncover the truth in the FBI’s Russiagate witch hunt? Or is he an employee of the Department of Just Us whose job is to shift blame away from the FBI?

Also, OSHA releases the “vaccine mandate” for all companies with more than 100 employees. Are small businesses next?

“Unacceptable conditions at D.C. jail lead to plan to transfer of about 400 inmates.” That’s the headline at the Washington Post, which along with the rest of the Leftist media heavily promoted the lie that January six was an insurrection and the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. That’s their headline.  Great job, guys, ten months late. “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Yeah, what about prisoners being abused? Do they die in darkness? Nathan DeGrave, a political prisoner at the jail, who has been held for nine months without trial, published a letter at the end of October describing the inhumane conditions and the mental and physical abuse faced by the January 6 prisoners. Will the Department of Justice investigate? Of course not; Merrick Garland is too busy investigating parents who attend school board meetings.

Looks like Glenn Youngkin might actually have won in  the governor’s race in Virginia on Tuesday. Max is still not confident the Democrats won’t find a way to steal it. And Youngkin won because he acknowledged the very real concerns that Virginia voters have, about a lot of issues, but the big one is Critical Race Theory, which is racism, being taught in schools. It was Terry McAuliffe who lied and said that Critical Race Theory doesn’t exist, who told parents they have no right to be involved in their own children’s education, and who tried to make the campaign all about Trump.