Now they tell us: Not only do cloth masks not work (obviously), neither do surgical masks! Some of us already knew this but now the “experts” are admitting it as well. Plus, Max has an announcement at the end of the show…

The French Revolution. The confederacy. The KKK. The assassination of archduke Ferdinand. The Bolsheviks. The national socialist party of Germany. Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Antifa, Black Lives Matter: That’s all the Left.  Socialists, communists, Leftists — they’re enemies of freedom and liberty. Their goal is always power.

So they concocted a fake insurrection. Because stealing an election wasn’t enough. They wanted to punish us. Grind us down. So we would give up. But they’re failing.

Democrats are super excited! It’s Fake Insurrection Eve! They’re all snug in their beds with visions of demagoguery in their heads. They’re going to pimp January 6 for all its worth. Unfortunately for them, former vice president Joe Biden sucks and everyone knows it. [Note this episode published late due to a technical error. Sorry!]

Build Back Broke negotiations are back on again because Joe Manchin is a Democrat and supports the Democrat Agenda. Also the Secretary of State of New Hampshire, Bill Gardner, is retiring. Gardener, a Democrat, has been in office since 1976 and is closely associated with the state’s First in the Nation presidential primary. Will New Hampshire lose its prestigious spot on the calendar without him?

Make your New Year’s Resolution to not comply with Covid BS! Also, it’s Monday, so let’s start the week (and year) off right with a reading from the Psalms. This week is Psalm 10, or P-Salm, as former vice president Joe Biden says.

What will happen in 2022? Tune in to find out. This is going to be a very short episode because we all have celebrating to do. 

Harry Reid is dead. You’re not supposed to say anything bad about the dead, so… Max says some things.

Senator Rand Paul has released his annual Festivus report on wasteful government spending. Along with torturing ferrets to test Covid vaccines, the government also spent money to find out that eating junk food makes kids fat, to do bad art in New York City, and to pay schools for students who didn’t attend those schools.


The government makes at-home COVID tests available for free and now there’s a mysterious COVID “surge.” Right… Max is skeptical.

It’s Christmas Eve and a Friday, so watch out for the ultimate Friday Night News Dump. What will it be? We’ll find out — We hope it’s not coal in your stocking. In the mean time, a CNN Medical Analyst accidentally said the quiet part outloud (masks don’t work). Also, a reading from the gospel of John, and A Visit From Saint Nicholas by Clement Moore, read by Max.

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Major Biden has been booted from the White House. No, Joe Biden didn’t give himself a military rank. Former vice president Joe Biden is a known liar, plagiarist, and serial fabulist, but Major Biden is the dog. The dog that Joe Biden has now abandoned. Donald Trump had more negative press for not having a dog than Joe Biden will get for ditching his dog.

Click here for information about sending Christmas cards to the January 6 prisoners.

Former President Joe Biden says you can celebrate Christmas but only if you’re vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated then you pose a threat to those who are vaccinated, since being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t catch or spread Covid. Make sense yet? Jim Cramer wants to use the military to force you to get a covid shot (or two or three or ∞), even though being triple vaxxed didn’t stop him from catching covid.

I was at the gym earlier and Fox News was on the tv and they were all Omicron, Omicron, Omicron! And that got me thinking. Why? Why this obsession with Omicron? Especially at Fox? Why, because the name sounds slightly scary? I mean, you say Delta, what does that make you think of? Airplanes? Fraternities? But Omicron — if you’re near my age, it obviously makes you think of Transformers. Omicron would be a Decepticon, right? Those are the evil robots. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the cartoon from the 80’s where cars and trucks would transform into robots and fight each other. (It was awesome.) So, Omicron would be one of the bad guys, except, not like one of the cool ones, like the motorcycle or the helicopter. No, Omicron’s got to be some crappy car. Like a Dodge Neon or something. Some kind of minivan, or something.

I was hoping maybe Fox is just pushing Omicron as a way to set up former vice president Joe Biden for failure. And maybe that’s part of it. But did you hear that Fox News did a vaccine mandate for its New York City employees? That’s probably the majority of their employees, by the way. That’s where their headquarters are. In New York City. That’s why they’re doing it. Because Bill de Blasio did a vaccine mandate for private businesses. They’re not doing this in other locations, like DC and Los Angeles. Only New York. Except, apparently a New York State court blocked this mandate. But all Fox employees must have a shot by December 27. The memo from Fox to their employees, which I read at the Washington Post, blames de Blasio’s mandate.

The fascists on the Keene, New Hampshire, city council have reinstitute a mask mandate because they want to “do something” being they are “human beings.” Keene is a college town, so they have garbage politics. Where you have colleges you have communists.


Dr. Robert Rix is an emergency department doctor at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire. In this memo, Dr. Rix uses old, bad data, which he admits in the document is old, bad data, to push for vaccinating children.

Also, Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI attorney who fabricated evidence against Carter Page in order to spy on Donald Trump, has been restored as a member “in good standing” of the D.C. Bar Association, because he’s a Democrat.

If you support Donald Trump then you’re a criminal in the minds of Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff, and other Democrats.

Also: Joe Biden’s poll numbers got hit by a tornado, inflation is real, and Max reads a listener email.

Liberal policies are insane, so when a mentally ill man burned down the Fox News Christmas tree he was immediately released without bail back onto the street.

What does the Satanic Temple want for Christmas? Abortion! Of course. They’re Devil-worshipers, after all. Also, they would like you to know that they didn’t sell their souls and they’re not devil worshipers, even though they’re the Satanic Temple. No, no, no. That’s the Church of Satan. It’s a fine distinction that you may miss since they’re all Satanists. But what they all agree on (along with Democrats) is that Abortion is awesome.

Also, Max’s friend has Covid. She’s fine. She had Ivermectin on hand and started taking it immediately. She got the Covid from a co-worker who came to the office sick, but don’t worry, that co-worker was wearing a mask. How very considerate. You know, because you wear a mask to be polite to other people. We can’t let fear of COVID or any disease, rule us. Govern our lives. A perpetual state of fear is not good. Fear is good. You should have appropriate fear. Fear of God. We can’t let fear of COVID or any disease, rule us. Govern our lives. A perpetual state of fear is not good. Fear is good. You should have appropriate fear. Fear of God. Fear of heights. Bears. Other times, fear will get you killed or severely harmed. Fear of Covid has had and will continue to have psychological ramifications for millions of people.

If the Covid “vaccines” worked, as advertised, then why the boosters? And why won’t our “leaders” — elected officials and unelected bureaucrats — acknowledge that what they told us 6, 8, 10 months ago, was wrong? Because it’s about power, not public health. Israel is now saying you need 4 shots to be considered fully vaccinated. And why would it end with four?

Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News for CNN. He’ll be so much happier there.

The CATO Institute says New Hampshire is the freest state in the country, even though Gov. Chris Sununu (RINO) literally suspended civil liberties last year. Also Jussie Smollet gets passed over for the Emmy win.

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