Is capitalism working? How is it supposed to work? And what do we do if it fails?

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis these questions were more relevant than ever. Now, in the midst of economic turmoil and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, they are questions once again on everyone’s mind.

Judge Stephen F. Williams (1936 – 2020) was not only a storied fixture of the United States Court of Appeals’ D.C. Circuit, but a prolific author with wide-ranging expertise.

In this episode of the Bradley Lectures Podcast, AEI Senior
Fellow Karlyn Bowman
and Resident Scholar Adam J. White join to discuss Judge Williams’ lasting legacy and learn from his lecture on efforts to liberalize post-Soviet Russia. We hope you will find that there are lessons to be learned from both.

Should we impose term limits on members of Congress? Should we drastically expand the size of the House of Representatives? Are Republicans republicans and Democrats democrats?

Jonah Goldberg joins the show to discuss George Will’s Bradley Lecture, how Dr. Will humbled Young Jonah with an answer that launched a thousand op-eds, and to ruminate on political questions big and small.

The late 20th century brought into existence a new species of moneyed elite. This highly educated nouveau riche combined traditional bourgeois ethic with bohemian tastes to form a new species that David Brooks called the “Bobo.”

What became of the Bobos, and how does their legacy live on — or not — in today’s elite? Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers joins “The Bradley Lectures Podcast” to femsplain how Brooks’ observations can help us better understand today’s social and political elites.