Need To Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger Episode 35: Vive La France

Direct Link to MP3 File

Direct link to MP3 file

This week on Need To Know, The Manhattan Institute’s Steve Malanga discusses Rise of The Republican Governors, his new piece for the City Journal. Republican governors across the country are cutting taxes and taking on the unions while winning elections in traditionally blue states. Then, more on the IRS scandal and the obscene amount of our money they spend on themselves. Also, the worst scandal is the one most in the background, Mona details the problems with Hillary, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice; and Jay is impressed by…France. C’est magnifique!

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  1. Israel P.

    Jay, you must understand. In 2004, a governor who wants to be president cannot just say “I am the best.” So what does he do – he says the best of all of us is a guy who cannot possibly be elected because of his name.

  2. SpinozaCarWash

    Mona, Jay, it’s a joy every time  a new episode of “Need to Know” appears on the super feed.   Je vous remerci beaucoup  pour le trente-cinquième podcast!

  3. OkieSailor

    Thank you, Mona for having the courage to call out conservatives for attacking Sebelius for not suspending the rules for the girl who tragically is dying and needs a lung transplant. We should not want our government to be involved to that extent in such cases so it follows that it is wrong for conservatives to push for special favors just as much as it is wrong for liberals to do so. 

  4. Matthew Hennessey

    Steve Malanga is from Newark, NJ.

  5. concerned citizen

    Mona is 100% right about the  Sebelius/cystic fibrosis case. 

    I have been thinking also that this case can illustrate to Americans how  horrifying it can be to put the government, the IPAB, and/or the HHS  Secretary in a position to determine what your health care options are.   Add that to its connection with the IRS — yikes.

    Do people out there really want health care to be run this way, “free” or not?  I wonder how many people stopped and thought about that when they heard about this case.

    I also loved her thought-provoking comments about organ donation.  Excellent.   Too bad one side of the aisle is always eager to vilify any suggestion of making a  profit.  If this were not the case,  maybe — just maybe — we actually have an adult conversation about this issue.

    Mona kept calling Sebelius “Se-BAYL-ius.”  If that is the correct pronunciation, then I need to stop referring to her as “Se-BEEL-ius.”

  6. Nerina Bellinger

    Jay, I am completely with you regarding Hillary Clinton.  I don’t “get it” either.

    Organ donation is an extremely complicated issue (I speak as a nurse who worked on several transplant floors).  I’m not sure that a market approach is the best way to go and I am very, very hesitant to entertain the idea of “organs for sale.”

    I LOVE these podcasts.  My monthly member ship fee for Ricochet is the best investment I have.

  7. Hartmann von Aue

    Jay- you’re not being naive or overly partisan. We had every opportunity to do to the Democrats and the left in general what the Obama Administration has done to conservative groups and we didn’t. Could the RNC make an ad to that effect in about a year’s time?

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