GLoP Culture with Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz Episode 5: The Shores Of Lake Naboo Link to MP3 File

This week on the show more elegantly known as GLoP, what bothers John more than a hurricane, more than the prospect of an Obama win, even more than the loss of power and internet? It’s Jonah Goldberg’s verified Twitter account. The horror! Also on this week’s show: the rats in New York City, human behavior in times of crisis, the last look at the 21012 Presidential race (yes!), what happens in the wake of a Romney victory, the worst line of dialogue in the history of movies, John predicts the last jobs report before the election, and Jonah rants about focus groups and then boldly hand picks the closing song. 

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EJHill: the Force is strong with that one. 

  1. Trace

    Scary how well it wears on John.

  2. Fredösphere

    Re Jonah’s rats: I just want to point out that English Poet Laureate Robert Southey (1774-1843) described with eery prescience what must have happened to all of New York’s subway rats in the storm.

  3. Cunctator

    I just cannot tell you enough how much I love this combination of brainy funny guys

  4. Cunctator

    Oh, and Rob too!   :D

  5. Duane Oyen

    We should all embrace our inner GLoP.

    Bracing the spirit.

  6. Fredösphere

    John says (paraphrased), “conservatives who think this election will be a mandate for a conservative mandate will be severely disappointed.”

    I don’t think there are many of those left. We’ve been so beaten down, and mentally focused, by the President’s crazy insane deficits, we’ll be happy if Romney can get the economy going and some kind–any!–improvement in the budget and entitlements.

  7. M. T. S.

    love the podcast – and the intro music!

  8. kgrant67

    I don’t care what they say, Jonah.  That’s a fine blue check mark

  9. Trace

    “Movie of the Week” version of the presidency: Perfect.

  10. Gojira

    Not only am I from Ohio, I grew up in Kirtland, a veritable bee hive of Mormons.   I might even vote this time.

    It’s funny to those of us around Cleveland to hear all of Ohio spoken of as if it were the cornfields of Nebraska.   We’re actually dramatically glacier-cut with lots of hills and gorges, kind of like a less-intense Ithaca.  The vast flatland is only the southern part of the state (until you get to the southern river valley).  All anyone seems to know about Ohio is that we had a river burn (who DIDN’T?  Ours was just in a popular edition of Time magazine) and “The Browns Suck!”, which I merely dismiss as evidence that ‘Bread & Circus’ works. I was never a Star Wars fan but you should try being a Godzilla fan!  Cry me a river! 


  11. Gojira

    A burning river!

  12. Fricosis Guy

    The Three Schmoozes

  13. genferei

    “The risk is that the serious conversation will be drowned out by the unserious conversation” in the MSM says JPod. Risk? Absolute certainty. The MSM is the enemy. It must be destroyed.

  14. ChristmasBeard

    Thanks, EJ. That’s one fantasy that’s now forever ruined. I better go tell Mrs. ChristmasBeard to put the ear muffs in the Salvation Army bag.

  15. EJHill

    Just based on my avatar, you could probably tell that I think Kevin Bacon is a piker when it comes to the Six Degrees of Separation Game and that all things in Hollywood can be Bing-ed.  

    Your rat movie Ben and its predecessor Willard, were Bing Crosby Productions. Having cornered the market on hilarious Nazis, the Old Groaner turned his attention to thriller pics, including his last film role as a murderous physician in Dr. Cook’s Garden.

  16. Johnny Dubya

    The 21012 election?!  Must be in a galaxy far, far away.

  17. Daniel Halbach

    With respect to the talk about the validity of polls and focus groups and their ability to predict product or TV show success:

    The members of Monty Python once said in an interview that one of the reasons they were so successful is that they ignored reviews.  They just did whatever the six of them thought was funny.

    Good advise.

  18. Barkha Herman

    Fake Indians = All native Americans.  Columbus never made it to India, remember?

    So what do you make of wannabe fake Indians, then?

  19. Brian Clendinen

    Smith could win because Philly turns out less Dems. It is a close race and Smith winning could very well give the Republicans the Sentate. So I think Sandy could have huge effectives on American Politics.

  20. Mitch Noyes

    Umm, that’s a white check mark, on a blue background guys. Get it straight. /candy crowley

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