The Hinderaker-Ward Experience
Episode 32: The Middle East and Andy McCarthy

Guest: National Review's Andy McCarthy
Sep 16, 2012 Link to MP3 File

This week on The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas welcome National Review’s Andy McCarthy for a bracing look at events in the Middle East. Also, John deconstructs the Presidential race, a “Loon of The Week” courtesy of Stephen Colbert, and another unintentionally hilarious “This Week in Gatekeeping”. 

We hope you enjoy, and comments and feedback are most welcome.

  1. Israel P.

    H&W should really stick to domestic matters and politics. When they get into foreign doings, they sound silly.

    And John should control his laugh when talking about dead ambassadors.

  2. Eeyore

    Yea, John, one of the people killed in Benghazi, Glen Doherty, was a former SEAL, providing security. I’m just sure he abandoned the Ambassador.

  3. Johnny Hammerstock

    Good show! Andy is always brilliant,  hard-working and great to read. John, FWIW my wife, who is non-political, commented this morning about how few new Obama bumper stickers she has seen. This is Maryland and there are plenty of old stickers. I’m seeing Romney stickers more every day. Just anecdotal. Thanks.

  4. katievs

    Andy McCarthy for Attorney General!

  5. raycon and lindacon

    Islam delenda est.

    Evangelization by scimitar is the way of Islam.  Critical mass will see a few billion Muslims rise up against the West.  It is a death we are inviting.

  6. Indaba

    Thank you for the research and thought that goes into the discussions. I hope photos and videos of the poor ambassador do surface rapidly. 

    Well done for discussing why you are not buying the official story put out by the White House. To be in Africa without security is insane for anyone who is a senior official or a CEO. Why this Ambassador was given such minimal protection is a travesty. 

  7. Kim K.

    Great podcast – it had been awhile.  I hope you guys can get on a more regular schedule.  McCarthy was a great guest.

  8. Aimee Jones

    I absolutely love this podcast – quickly becoming my favorite one in the lineup. Andy McCarthy was amazing this week, and, as always, I laughed out loud during Gatekeepers and Loon. Hilarious.

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