Episode 6: The Life of Pie

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This week on the podcast know as GLoP, Rob Long, Jonah Goldberg, and John Podhoretz mull the lessons from the current Republican party bloodletting session, give a concise analysis of the finger-pointing, the selfless sacrifice of Dick Morris, Rob blames the voters but lauds The Life of Pi, Jonah wonders where the poop is, and John predicts the changes that Zucker will bring to CNN. 

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  1. Sean

    Gold PoLo

  2. Crow

    I was sincerely hoping for the alternate title, Yeti.

  3. Salamandyr

    Aaargh!  The pain.  For some reason none of the links seem to be working for me.

  4. angelasg

    You have two different direct links.  One is for episode 5 and the one for episode 6 doesn’t seem to work.

  5. Sorry about that. Now fixed. 

  6. raycon and lindacon


    I need my GLoP !

    I want my GLoP !

    I cannot make it without my GLoP !

    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please !!!

  7. It’s fixed! I promise!

  8. raycon and lindacon

    Rob… Where is Madame LaFarge when we need her?

  9. Cunctator

    raycon and lindacon – I agree totally – I needs this podcast!  And this is how we get the culture back, or at least look like non-squares.  We have to be funny, light-hearted, unserious when we can, and mocking always.  When I played the podcast that discussed Lucasfilms, my daughters paid attention and were quite interested in what “our” three had to say.  It’s vehicles like this that can get younger people involved in the conservative movement.

  10. Becky53

    In home office listening to podcast.  While it is a forensic discussion of the failed election, it is also funny!  We are actually laughing while doing our work here in home office central…

  11. Astonishing

    Blame this loss predominantly on the wimpy RINO squishes who gave us a RINO squish nominee, who won the nomination only by default by splitting the conservative vote, and then ran a squish campaign: timid,  risk-averse, ever unwilling to take a clear stand on anything lest he alienate someone somewhere about something.

    Yes, Rob, I’m talking about you. Before burning anyone else, you should set your own hair on fire. You, Rob, were supremely confident the GOP finally had a nominee who wasn’t a gaffe machine. You made that foolish misobservation about Romney after Romney had asked “Wanna bet $10,000?”

    Romney didn’t just make gaffes. Romney was a gaffe!

    You, Rob, advocated the issue-avoiding “more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger” pitch. Romney’s issue-free campaign consequently lost voters on almost every issue, including issues he should have won. There’s nothing more cowardly than being afraid even to defend oneself!

    Did you enjoy the campaign debate on Obamacare?

    The guy selling himself as “jobs guy” couldn’t do the job.

    What’s the opposite of momentum? Mittmentum!

    The biggest mistake in politics is trying to avoid every single little mistake.

  12. Jacksonian Dem

    Bad sound quality on Jonah’s audio around 17:00

  13. Joseph Eagar

    Thank God you didn’t choose Goldberg, Podhoretz, and Long, the acronym of which, GPL, is a far-left open-source license (that many of us in the open source world regret using; alas, it’s hard to remove after the fact).

  14. Astonishing

    I told you so:


    The reason Romney does not fight is because he lacks principles to fightfor.

    For Romney, everything is negotiable. It can all be managed. It’s all about what’s practical. It’s all about getting the deal done. Insistence upon principles gets in the way of getting the deal done. Principles are for ideologues.

    Romney is embarrassingly uncomfortable talking about anything touching core defining principles. When he tries to fight, he says things that come across as insipid, even if they aren’t, because his argument is not grounded in principle.

    By “grounded,” I mean convictions that are so impressed into one’s second nature that intuition enlivens understanding.

    Yes, Romney can make a dead dry reasoned chain of argument, but he can’t inspire others to believe in what he’s saying because he does not really believe in it himself.

    Romney wants this election to be about who is the best manager.

    Romney is our Dukakis. What will be his tank moment?

    . . . .

    Obama has core political principles he’s willing to fight for tooth and nail.

    Romney doesn’t.

    Guess who wins that fight?

    Edited on July 6, 2012 at 10:44pm

  15. Cunctator

    Re Podhoretz’s comment that Romney ran the best campaign that he could have – maybe – but he should have gone full negative on Obama.  Negative campaigning is ugly, divisive, and horrible to behold.  But it works.

  16. Duane Oyen
    Sean: Gold PoLo · 2 hours ago

    I like GLOP.  It is a perfect illustration of secondary meaning.

  17. Robert Barraud Taylor

    I finally realized, listening to this podcast, that Rob Long might be the first ever RINO Country Club Squish Jacobin.  

    “Don’t sprinkle the blood from the severed head of Stu Stevens on my red loafers, Citoyen! It will stain them brown!”

  18. Jacksonian Dem

    More terrible audio quality from Jonah around 44:00      Hard to listen.

  19. Jacksonian Dem: More terrible audio quality from Jonah around 44:00      Hard to listen. · 4 minutes ago

    Sorry about that. We did our best — Jonah was on some bad wifi. 

  20. soccerlad14

    Sweet Jesus, Podhoretz. You say Stevens is delusional and than say Romney ran the best campaign he could have run. Could he have run a campaign as……….NOT himself? I liked that WaPo editorial and summarized exactly what I was thinking. People complaining that he was a RINO? Exactly what country do you think we’re living in? A moderate RINO was the only way we could make it even close. The people just re-elected Obama- a con man and an abject failure. Do you think running someone to his right from the primaries was the answer?

    Do you think swing voters were thinking: “I’m pulling the lever for Obama but had the GOP only run Bachmann I’d be on THEIR team…” Most people aren’t like us- either ideologically or intellectually. Blame the electorate and the media. Sorry, there’s no magic bullet. One of these things will happen and they’re largely out of our control: 1] Dem ideas are correct & the economy will robustly recover. 2] Dem ideas will fail, the media and they will blame GOP obstructionism and Dems will win again. 3] The GOP will reap the gains of Dem failure.

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