The Ricochet PodcastEp. 131a: The First One

The Ricochet Podcast The First One

In this first episode of our newest (and as of yet, unnamed) podcast, Rob Long, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, and Commentary’s John Podhoretz riff on culture, media, and politics. This week, Podhoretz about-faces on Twitter, all about Akin, the hows and why of plagiarism, are we in a new golden age of television, and John describes why the Game of Thrones novels are in fact a scandal and should be banned. Also, stick around to the very end: that’s when they tell their favorite joke of the week. Certain to be become a regular feature. 

Have a suggestion for title for this show? Let us know in the comments. Rob, Jonah, and John will pick their favorite and we’ll anoint the winner with a coveted Ricochet coffee mug. 

Ricochet Podcast subscribers, you’ll get this episode automatically. Everyone else, listen in above. We hope to be back right after Labor Day with a new episode. 

Thanks to EJHill for the cast photo.