1. Gil Martin

    Wow!  Fantastic stuff, James.  That was 2006?  Sounded more like 1974.   That’s radio! 

    Might be a good idea for you to do music oriented podcasts every so often.  Mona and Jay’s classical music segment was very good and such a breath of fresh air!

    What about Ricochet taking a break from the relentlessly political and just go art!?  Why are Rembrandt’s portraits great?  What about Turner’s late watercolors?


  2. Foxfier

    *sigh* I remember the first “microphone” I had.  It was a pair of earphones… we plugged it into the wrong port, and that’s when mom explained that the make-stuff-vibrate-to-make-sounds stuff is also able to be-vibrated-to-record-sounds.

    I’m pretty sure I remember listening to this in a 120 degree room, calibrating anything that didn’t mind the heat and looking forward to getting off duty so I could go hang out with that cute guy from the geek bunch….. (Now my dear husband.)

  3. This was not actually intended to be published quite yet. So consider it a sneak preview. New episode later this week.

  4. JimGoneWild

    Great time. Thanks, James.

  5. Peabody Here

    I thoroughly enjoyed that Diner episode.  James is brilliant.  Being a music fan I can relate relate to several of James’s comments:

    • The new wave, skinny tie craze (I still enjoy much of that music both because I just like it and out of nostalgia)

    • His comments about finding something to like in just about every genre of music, even genres that I really do not like. 
    • The K-Tel pop hits collections.

    Looking forward to more episodes.

    Wish I took note of that web site he mentioned that catalogs the audio verite.

  6. lakelylane

    What a fun time….thanks

  7. Foxfier
    Blue Yeti: This was not actually intended to be published quite yet. So consider it a sneak preview. New episode later this week. · 1 hour ago

    It was a great walk down memory lane, and knowing that new stuff is coming is icing on the cake!

  8. Duane Oyen

    Wait for the Christmas shows.  Ricochet culture!

  9. Nanda Panjandrum

    Most fun a gal can have that’s not illegal (yet), immoral or fattening…Diner fare without the guilt.  Thanks, James!

  10. Leglbegl

    Mmmm…. Diner.

  11. Jojo

    Wonderful and refreshing! What a treat!

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