GLoP Culture with Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz Episode 13: The Cut-Ups

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First, a momentous occasion in the history of this podcast — Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz finally agree on a name: GLoP Culture (as in pop culture). Then, a fascinating discussion on Sanford’s win; John digests Satriycon, the 50 Shades of Grey of the 1st Century; Also, Cleveland and their sorry PD; the problem with CG filled summer movies; and John books an exciting gig for an important upcoming holiday.

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You’re no Nancy, EJHill

  1. Fred Cole

    I just started it but I think Jonah’s memoir should be called A Mansion For My Tuchus.  

  2. Mendel
    Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz

    GLoP Culture(as in pop culture). 

    Not to be a buzzkill, but a pun that has to be explained immediately afterward (as JPod also did on the podcast) is probably not that well-suited as a podcast name.

  3. doc molloy

    John’s gotta be Curly. Jonah’s got the Moe. So Rob, you’re Larry. Stooges go GLoP Culture.

  4. ParisParamus

    In in West Nyack, NY every few weeks because my mom lives nearby. Mr. Podhoretz, do you wear a large or extra-large sweatshirt? So Tuesday nice at the JCC? I look forward!

  5. MisterSirius

    Wait a minute–the outro music is the theme from “Sanford and Son”? I must’ve missed a cue in there…or is it just a “sounds like” reference to Rob’s “Sullivan & Son”?

  6. Crow

    John was pitching to the elusive over-educated ancient-porn-reading demographic on this podcast. Everything is dirtier in Latin, after all.

    Amabo, mea dulcis Ipsitilla, meae deliciae, mei lepores, iube ad te veniam meridiatum. Et si iusseris, illud adiuvato, ne quis liminis obseret tabellam, neu tibi lubeat foras abire, sed domi maneas paresque nobis novem continuas fututiones. Verum si quid ages, statim iubeto: nam pransus iaceo et satur supinus pertundo tunicamque palliumque.
  7. Danihel Tornator

    If Satyricon is not enough Petronius for you, I highly recommend Quo Vadis, in which he is a main character. I recently finished listening to it, courtesy of 

  8. It was meant as a nod to Mark Sanford and to the general pop culture subject matter of this show.

  9. GreenCarder

    Guilty secret: I actually look forward to this podcast than the Ricochet flagship podcast. Do subscribe if you haven’t already

  10. Pseudodionysius

    Podhoretz meant to say:

    “I’m reading the Synopticon by Pseudodionysius.”

    Mazel tov.

  11. Mr Tall

    Very enjoyable episode!

    The Sandford discussion was a particularly revealing sequence: Rob, you don’t understand social conservatives if you think they’d be more likely to ‘forgive’ Mark Sandford than, for example, Bill Clinton. I’d classify myself as a social conservative, and I find Sandford’s willful destruction of his family, betrayal of his wife, and breaking of his wedding vows at least as bad, if not worse, than the kind of casual dalliances you see as typical of politicians. 

    In other words, where you see Sandford’s saga as “a love story”, I see a straightforward case of adultery. I don’t care how much Mark Sandford loves Ms Argentina. The aesthetic or emotional appeal of his new relationship has no value in social conservatives’ deontological moral reasoning.

    Also, neither I nor you nor anyone other than Mark Sandford’s wife and children can ‘forgive’ him. All that we can do is choose to overlook what he’s done when considering whether or not it disqualifies him from running for congress. 

  12. The Mugwump

    I once pinched a flight attendant on a Braniff flight from DC to New York.  I think he liked it. 

  13. ParisParamus

    Not GLoPodcast?

  14. Foxfier

    I have heard nothing but the intro music.


    Curse you, I am now picturing Optimus Prime in a horrible yellow jumpsuit, in an even worse movie….

    (No.  I don’t do Tarantino.  No, I don’t want to convert.)

  15. Foxfier
    mask: How about Glopzilla? · 7 hours ago

    Oh, no, there goes Tokyo— Ooo oooh Glopzilla!

  16. Foxfier

    Goldberg, Long, and Podhoretz

    GLoP Culture(as in pop culture). 

    Not to be a buzzkill, but a pun that has to be explained immediately afterward (as JPod also did on the podcast) is probably not that well-suited as a podcast name. · 6 hours ago

    How about GloP Music?

    … I am trying to work in a “Who Is Johnny (Galt)” joke, but I can’t manage it.

  17. Foxfier

    Oh: and selfish, traitorous bleeps are still not romantic or sympathetic.

    He’s shown that love won’t stop him from being selfish– I see no reason to suspect that mere politics would, thus he is utterly untrustworthy.  Plus, selfish betrayer. 

  18. Beth C.

    Isn’t it kinda too late for suggestions?  They’ve been asking for suggestions all along!  GLoP Culture is just fine.  The name isn’t really important anyway, we all listen for the content. 

    I really do look forward to new episodes every time – thanks for keeping this podcast going, y’all.  :)

  19. Pseudodionysius



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