The Ricochet Podcast Episode 201: Taken For A Ride

Direct Link to MP3 File

Direct link to MP3 file

This week, Troy Senik sits in for Peter Robinson as we bat around the big wrap up of last weekend, and SOTU…yawn. First up, The New York Time’s Ross Douthat talks conservative reform and more imperfect unions. Then, Washington Free Beacon’s Matt Continetti drops in for a fascinating chat about on Love In The Time of Obama. Also, does it matter that Hillary hasn’t driven a car in 18 years? Rob and James debate it so you don’t have to. 

Music from this week’s episode:

If I Had A Hammer by Sam Cooke

The Ricochet Podcast opening theme was composed and produced by James Lileks.

Jesus, take the wheel, EJHill!

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  1. EJHill

    But can anybody name the movie?

    And this was the alternate ending:

  2. Spin

    There’s already another one?  I only just finished the last one!   

  3. kylez
    Majestyk: Do we really need more reasons to NOT elect Hillary aside from the fact that she’s woefully out of touch with the common American experience?

    How about her suborning of her husband’s perjury to a Federal Grand Jury?  Let’s any one of us try to lie to a federal judge and not do some serious jail time.

    How about the fact that she tolerated her creepy husband molesting a girl old enough to be their daughter while on the job?  Most women really like it when their man does this…

    How about the MacDougalls, Whitewater, Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, the mysterious FBI files of Clinton enemies in the White House, and all of the other assorted lingering scandals which trailed the Clintons from Little Rock to Washington and beyond?

    There are 100,000 reasons why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.  We just have to use them. · 4 hours ago

    Check this out:

  4. James Lileks


  5. Foxfier

    Hey, contact Encounter– I just tried to use the code, and it says it’s expired!

  6. I’ll inquire as to what’s going on. Standby.

  7. billy

    Here you go James:

  8. billy

    Found on tumblr

  9. Fred Cole

    Best.  Image.  Ever.

  10. Paul Dougherty
    With what Gail Collins was able to achieve with a dog-on-car meme, someone can beat the “hasn’t driven” horse until it makes hay.

    Don’t underestimate or undervalue mockery.

  11. EJHill

    KC – Not the SOTU image… the cab ride.

  12. bourbonsoaked

    When I read Mathew Continetti’s piece on Sam Kass and Alex Wagner, and as you discussed it, I couldn’t help thinking of the late Governor Ann Richards in 1988 at the Dem Convention mocking George H.W. Bush, “he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

    They are born into privilege and assume it is the meritocracy working correctly, that they started from the same place as everyone else. People of equal intelligence and talents as them will do well, but not as fast and not to the levels they’ve reached so quickly and so effortlessly. See Ronan Farrow for the latest example. 

  13. KC Mulville
    EJHill: KC – Not the SOTU image… the cab ride. · 12 minutes ago

    OK, I’m busted. I was hoping to slink low, but I’m caught.

    Maybe I can make up for my stupidity …

  14. EJHill

    KC! A man of culture!

  15. Leslie Watkins

    It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World?

    EJHill: But can anybody name the movie?

    And this was the alternate ending: · 2 hours ago


  16. Johnny Dubya

    I like to do little mental experiments from time to time, and when I heard in the aural montage leading into the podcast the snippet of GWB on the bullhorn, I tried to imagine our current president standing on the smoldering pile, shouting, “The people who knocked these buildings down: They’re going to hear all of us soon!”

    I failed.

  17. Sabrdance

    The movie is “On the Town,” and the thought of Hilary singing “Let’s go to my place” may well haunt my dreams for weeks.

    Who’s gonna sing “Prehistoric Man?”

    But I’m having some difficulty seeing how the ending of Dave would in any way match onto On The Town…

  18. I’m told this is now fixed. Go buy something from

    Foxfier: Hey, contact Encounter– I just tried to use the code, and it says it’s expired! · 2 hours ago

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