Episode 47: Suspicious Minds

Direct Link to MP3 File

Direct link to MP3 file

The Ricochet Law School faculty lounge re-opens for a summer school session (for those that flunked the spring term) with Professors Epstein and Yoo and their proctor, Troy Senik. This week: the DOJ’s voting rights suit/Zimmerman civil rights charge, Snowden’s dad writes a letter and the Profs proof it, are the SCOTUS Republican appointees in the evil grip of libertarianism, and could a 20 week abortion ban at the federal level pass constitutional scrutiny? The answers to these and other pressing legal issues are just an earbud away. Listen up!

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  1. Steven Jones

    Looking forward to curling up with this podcast when I have time. Tangentially, meanwhile, I highly recommend the Paul Shanklin parody of Suspicious Minds.

  2. Adriana Harris
    Steven Potter: Did something happen to the podcast subscription?  iTunes says it can’t download LawTalk. · 5 hours ago

    Yeah, I can’t get it to download into iTunes either.  I’m looking forward to hearing this episode.

  3. Sean

    Bad link here too

  4. We’re working on the feed issue and will let you know when it’s fixed. 

  5. This is now fixed. You may have to re-subscribe to the show to get the new episode, but it is there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  6. Steven Potter

    Did something happen to the podcast subscription?  iTunes says it can’t download LawTalk.

  7. Steve MacDonald

    While I was somewhat “heartened” by your strengthened characterisation of the Justice Dept., my perception is significantly darker than yours. I don’t live in the states & so my vision is at a distance but I look at:

    - JPM fined $7 Billion in 2 years for a wide variety of manipulations. No one goes to jail.

    - HSBC fined for money laundering, Libor rigging, other manipulations etc. 

    The finance industry list goes on & on. No one of importance ever jailed – AG admits they are to big to both fail & jail.

    - EPA defies court orders and precedent to intimidate. Nothing happens.

    - Interior defies court orders in the Gulf. Nothing happens.

    - No criminal investigations re. IRS. Nothing happens.

    - Agriculture hands out millions to fake black farmers in Pigford. Nothing happens.

    -  revolving door has regulators regulating their prior industry and then returning to big pay checks. Ho Hum

    200 word limit stop.

    I have spent a lot of years in “third world” countries and am very familiar with these types of issues and practices. To me, the fact that they have become systemic practices in the states is more concerning than what you guys appear to feel.

    Am I simply naive? 

  8. Adriana Harris

    The iTunes download worked, Thank you, thank you!

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