Need To Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger Episode 8: Stormy Weather Link to MP3 File

This week on Need To Know, Hurricane Sandy updates from both Mona and Jay, the political implications of the storm, one last look at the election, and what it’s like to vote Republican in blue Manhattan.

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  1. Israel P.

    Mona, isn’t “I’m poll watching on the other side of town” a good reason to vote absentee?

  2. jubilado

    I ask the site administrators to please include “direct link-click here” with each podcast.  It is easier than having to figure it out every time.

  3. Mona Charen

    I had just written this column when we recorded the podcast. It provides some of the details that I was reluctant to express out loud. Just as with Bill Clinton, a Democratic president has made it impossible to discuss politics in front of the children.

    Down and Dirty

  4. It’s at the bottom of the post.

  5. Yeah...ok.
    re: Jay’s fantasy Didn’t Jesse Ventura essentially sayThe government is not a parent. We can’t expect the government to always be there, ready to bail us out. When we make decisions in life, we have to be willing to live with the consequences. We can’t expect the government to help us get back on our feet every time we make a bad decision.

    I get the impression that Lileks wasn’t a fan of Gov Ventura but I was glad to hear a politician speak these words.

  6. Astonishing

    Wow. Best podcast ever.

    But I have a confession. It’s so pleasant to hear you describe them, exactly as they are, that I almost wish Obama/Biden would win so that you two would continue to document the careers of the Chicago Thug Politician and His Fool.

    How blatant it is for Obama to use a “creepy” Putin ad as a model for his own campaign’s “first time” ad. Putin is a thug. Talk about War on Women, Putin sent brave young girls away to rot in a gulag. And yet that thug Putin is Obama’s inspiration for an ad demeaning to women. That’s no coincidence. Obama intends to let it be known that he can act like Putin and get away with it. Heaven help us if he wins again.

  7. Indaba

    Oh great! Have not listened yet but am so keen to hear Jay take apart the liberal media again (I hope) and Mona give a story that explains it all. Quality refined. OK, now to listen!

  8. Penfold

    I’ve been looking for a “safe” place to make a few comments about Sandy and the many comments I’ve read on other sites.  Many are very tough on  the Staten Island residents for not evacuating.  I don’t know, this would have been a very tough decision for me if I had been in their position.  For sure, I’d have had my wife and kids leave, but if I had lived through a previous situation like this and had my home looted, I think I would have stayed myself.  Sure, I would have been prepared with food, water, batteries, etc.  But I can’t see myself crying about FEMA or the gubment.  Heck, I’d be too busy cleaning up and helping my neighbors to cry on Chuck Shumer’s shoulder.  But, yes, I’d have been one of the fools that stayed.

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