Episode 6: Start Me Up

Pando Daily writer Mick Weinstein discusses high tech start-ups and venture capital in Israel.
Dec 27, 2012
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This week on The Levy and Counsell Show, Judith and Damian talk to Israeli based Pando Daily tech writer Mick Weinstein on the vibrant Israeli internet start-up culture. 

The Levy-Counsell Show is now free for everyone to hear. Listen in above or subscribe in iTunes. Direct link here.

  1. coniston

    I have not commented on anything yet though have been a member for ages… but I am listening for the second time to the Levy and Counsell Show.  The content is interesting, but someone MUST tell Judith not to go uh-huh, uh-huh,  every few minutes as it is incredibly irritating.  Perhaps it is just me – but she should sit down and listen to the podcast.  If nothing else it sounds disrespectful to her guests and I am sure that is not her intent. When listening, silence is golden. 

  2. Judith Levy

    Yikes! Okay, I’ll cut it out. Sorry.

  3. Astonishing

    Well, Judith’s “em-hmms” and the “hmms?” don’t bother me in the least. They are reassuring elements of normal spontaneous conversation, and I rather like it that the conversation is and sounds spontaneous. (With such a lovely voice, Judith would sound pleasant clearing her throat.)

    As to the substance, although aspects of the Israeli entrepreneurial environment can be enlightening, that country and that people are sui generis with respect to almost everything. (A blessing to humanity, but perhaps not to themselves!) As with “gun culture”  (the subject of the last podcast), one should be careful about drawing conclusions for application either to the UK or the USA.  (Sorry, Mr. Counsell, you’ll have to look elsewhere for convincing arguments for government economic manipulations.)

  4. Duane Oyen

    Judith’s “uh huh” is fine- I didn’t notice it.  My problem is her softer (than Damian’s)-with-fewer-treble-harmonics voice, which is hard for bad-hearing people (me) with high freq roll-off to understand.  I don’t really have that problem with any other Ricochet podcast speaker except for (sometimes) James Lileks’ highest fidelity Diner episodes.  For speaking podcasts, low bit rates (16, 24 KBS) are actually better than super hi-fi and 128 KBS.

    The discussion did awaken memories of the problems with venture capital, though.  In my own experience, the best people to work with are angels, because they tend to patiently sign on to projects they believe in, as opposed to looking for the quick payoff (or “jobs”). 

    Public money should go to basic- not applied- research, or product development only where it is the sole solution.  Or to solving mass problems where the commons can’t see a payoff.

    The trouble with VC’s is that the professional managers are looking for in-fast, in-cheap, massive payoff (via early IPO) ventures.  They force every company decision into fast IPO context- trying to skim the gravy without cooking the roast.

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