Episode 3: Planet Claire

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She’s been scarce around these parts of late, but long time Ricochet members know Claire Berlinski as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Turkey, the Middle East, the view of America from overseas, and…cats. This week, she joins Judith Levy and Damian Counsell to discuss the situation in Israel and the view of all of it from her (pardon the expression) catbird seat in Istanbul. 

The Levy-Counsell Show is now free for everyone to hear. Listen in above or subscribe in iTunes (coming soon). Direct link here

  1. SpinozaCarWash

    Huzzah! I loved the short-lived Levy-Berlinski podcast. Glad to hear you once more on Ricochet air, Claire!

  2. Scott Abel

    Yeah! Planet Claire!

    (Does the Rock Lobster)

  3. Busy System Admin

    Claire, we all do miss your presence here on Ricochet!

  4. Ron

    No, Mizz Berlinski is a woman with a first class mind.  Those, whether male or female, are rare enough to need no other description.  Ma’am, you have been sore missed.

  5. Percival
    The Levy-Counsell Show

    …one of the world’s foremost authorities on Turkey, the Middle East, the view of America from overseas, and…cats.

    Especially Turkish building codes and construction techniques!

    I’m glad you’re back, Claire.

  6. Pseudodionysius

    I promise to be better dressed for the next podcast.

  7. Lucy Pevensie

    I wish we could have her back as an editor.  Really.  Please come back, Claire.

  8. Jimmy Carter

    Queen Claire, about the 21:00 minute mark You mentioned “post conflict stabilization.” Why should that be concern for Us? Especially after annihilating the enemy, they should be on their own. They get out of hand, We slap ‘em back down.

  9. Kim K.

    I’ve missed Claire! I hope this is the beginning of much more.  I am enjoying this podcast.  It’s so interesting to hear about things from another perspective. (And in the case of Mali, etc., to hear about some things at all.)

  10. swatter

    Levy-Counsell has the beginnings of a very timely series of podcasts. Adding Claire was great.

    More Mideast people please to talk about the buildup to WWIII.

    This so reminds me of WWI and WWII buildups. They were so easily avoided if the US hadn’t buried their heads in the sand before it was too late.

  11. Stu In Tokyo

    I can’t wait to find the time to listen!

  12. Doctor Bean
    The Levy-Counsell Show is now free for everyone to here.

    No, to hear. It’s nice to hear Berlinski around here.

  13. Nobody

    It’s nice to see her, too. She is lovely. And I don’t mind saying so.

    She has a beautiful mind, too–and that is far more important.

  14. Matt Bartle

    For the first 30 minutes, I was wondering “is Damian ever going to get a word in?” (My rule of thumb is, when I’m in a group where the women outnumber the men, the easiest thing is not to try to say anything.)

    I’d like to hear more of his devil’s advocacy.

  15. swatter

    After listening, I have a few more questions.

    First, well done by the ‘casters. I loved the Turkey take on the Obama/Clinton/Abedin rise of the Brotherhood. Well, not what is happening but the information.

    So, overall, I am getting more and more confused, frustrated, and concerned. Exactly what is the end game of the Obama/Clinton/Abedin flirtation with the Muslim Brotherhood? I mean, I read the Bros were the mother of alQeda; so why party with these monsters. Or, are the Bros just better chess players than alQeda or are they playing evil cop/not-so-evil cop to the liberals in D.C.? How much in cahoots are they?

    Just what does Obama hope to accomplish? I know his Muslim leanings began in Indonesia and his roots were from an anti-colonial father. Just what is his endgame? Sir Louie Farrahkhan has been silent lately, so is Obama following these lines?

    I am trying to find something positive that COULD occur with the US strategy, but more and more I am finding naivete, ignorance and incompetence from the gang.

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