Episode 51: No Free Lunch

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Direct link to MP3 file

ObamaCare goes down the tubes, but is that good news or bad news? Also, Benghazi is back, Jon Stewart goes rogue, revisiting the idea that bi-lingual education is bad, what Brown hasn’t done for you lately, foreigners and the Klan, and one more pass at Mona’s new favorite version of Puccini’s “O mio babbino caro,” from “Gianni Schicchi.” 

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  1. Nick Stuart

    Just because O’Care is crashing like the Hindenberg, doesn’t mean the Left will suffer unduly. They still have the 47%. They crammed it through knowing they were going to be bloodied. Mooks like Landrieu and Pryor may lose their seats, but they’re just collateral damage. They’ve advanced the ball, people will continue getting free stuff, the pressure will be to “fix it” for all the people who’re getting screwed, which will put Republican fingerprints on the mess, and 10 years from now Left & Right will be competing on who can manage the mess best.

    The Praetorian Guard MSM will run a few critical articles now between  to give them plausible deniability when they circle the wagons in 2014 and 2016 and savage the Republicans (“Oh, we run stories critical of Dems too, remember that 60 minutes piece on Ben Gazi, or whatever his name was?”). 

    Too bad though there aren’t any Republicans willing to stand and fight, take the slings and arrows for speaking up, to make the case that Obamacare should be repealed/replaced/defunded; even if his tactics aren’t perfect. Doubtless we’d all rally around a guy like that.

  2. Astonishing

    In a rant excerpted below, I describe what comes “After ObamaCare?

    The answer: “More ObamaCare!” (if perhaps under a different name):

    . . . mistaking health insurance and healthcare as the same thing, we will forever be fiddling with various fixes . . . . Obama himself has already initiated the fixing and fiddling. The GOP can’t wait to have its turn.

    . . . fixes, fixes, and more fixes.

    Down south we have an exprerssion northerners find amusing.

    Instead of saying, “I’m about to go to work.” We say, “I’m fixin’ to go to work.”

    Folks, we are not fixin’ to get stuck with ObamaCare.

    We are stuck fixin’ ObamaCare.

    ObamaCare will hereafter dominate our politics. All other political things, from war to education to reproduction to immigration, will be discussed either in light of ObamaCare or in the shadows of ObamaCare.

    This has happened already. Iranians getting a bomb? Sorry, we are too busy with healthcare to deal with that. . . . . Even in our private lives, from birth to marriage, from illness to death, from work to idleness, every decision will occur in the context of, “How might this affect and be affected by my healthcare benefits?”

    From now on, . . . it’s all about ObamaCare.

  3. Rightfromthestart

    No, No, No, just because the Democrats come up with a hare-brained scheme, the Republicans don’t HAVE to come up with their own version. If Alan Grayson suggested killing all conservatives would you counter by offering to kill only 15% of us and call it a victory?  That’s the kind of thinking that after 50 years has us backed up against our own goal line

    Listen to the words of the 60’s radicals ‘The issue is not the issue’ – ‘Satisfy all of our demands and we’ll just give you 12 more’. They don’t care about health care or the Redskins or discrimination or inequality or any of the other issues they scream about. They care about power, about making people dance to their tune. 

     They should have been expelled in the 60’ and the Brown radicals should be expelled today, although if it was done back then I doubt it would be necessary today. Once the radicals found out that feckless administrators would never act against them they were effectively in control of the universities. 

  4. Rightfromthestart

    (cont.) Likewise socialist Democrats keep advocating more and more federal programs knowing that the Republicans will compromise and the precedent of Federal control will be established, then it’s just a matter of picking at the hole and widening it. 

  5. Israel P.

    Mona, regarding Amira singing Puccini. When you live in a country that allows twelve year olds to choose euthanasia, you tend to grow up very fast.

  6. Ontheleftcoast

    The current debacle will destroy medical insurance companies. If they break the law and continue to offer what has satisfied most Americans, they’ll be crushed for violating what is still the law. If they follow the law, they’ll self-destruct. A small exception will be carved out for Congress and other elements of the nomenklatura.

    Next, the rollout debacle: “we have a huge problem, Americans need medical care now, we have to spend whatever it takes to fix Obamacare.” That creates a huge need to hire Civil Service techies and contract for more (hamstringing the tech industry, too.) Direct hires are organized by SEIU  and exempted from Obamacare, cementing their loyalty. Selected contractors are also exempted. The number of people making their money from the Federal government has just expanded, creating more loyal Progressive voters.

    Meanwhile, in the rubble of the medical care industry, a crash expansion of Medicare and Medicaid is begun to provide for the now uninsured. Anybody think that won’t have political support among those whose jobs have been restructured to force them into Obamacare?

    Single payer with the nomenklatura exception, here we come. It’s not about appearances, it’s about the ratchet.

  7. Ontheleftcoast
    That’s on the demand side. Here’s one jaw of the supply side ratchet
    Kathleen Murphy, a Democrat who is running for the House of Delegates against Republican Barbara Comstock, told a forum in Great Falls on Saturday that doctors should be forced to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients

    The other jaw might be government funded malpractice insurance for those physicians signing on to work for the .gov. The plaintiff’s bar would help pick off the rest.

  8. Kim K.

    Here’s an idea – Jay and Mona do a podcast made up entirely of amusing anecdotes and funny things they remember people saying.  Between the two of them they’ve rubbed shoulders with a great many people and hearing them tell the stories is quite interesting.

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