Money & Politics with Jim Pethokoukis
Episode 9: Michael Strain

Guest: economist Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute
Jan 18, 2013
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On this week’s Ricochet Money & Politics Podcast, Jim’s guest is economist Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute. Strain began his career in the research group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Before joining AEI, he managed the New York Census Research Data Center, a U.S. Census Bureau research facility. 

Strain recently co-authored a study debunking the notion, now widely held in left-of-center circles, that top marginal tax rates could rise to 70%, 80%, or even 90% without crippling the US economy. Just as importantly, Strain argues the moral and values case against those levels of confiscatory taxation.Missing an episode of the Money and Politics podcast will cost you money. Subscribe here

  1. Indaba

    I was a partner in a business for 8 years and the tax payments made me decide to leave and be an employee again. Someone posted a list of taxes on the members’ feed and I was glad to no longer care. When i was paying the employee’s taxes to government plus all the other taxes which took days to calculate, it was tough. Now I leave my job and have the weekend stress free. The long term effect is to tell my sons to get a job with government.

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