The Ricochet Podcast
Episode 144a: Levy-Counsell #2: Special Edition

Judith Levy and Damian Counsell
Nov 20, 2012 Link to MP3 File

With events escalating in the Middle East at a rapid pace, we thought it would be good to reconvene Judith Levy and Damian Counsell sooner than later to get a sense of what’s going on from someone who’s actually there. It’s a riveting look at conditions in Israel right now.

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  1. Group Captain Mandrake

    Judith and Damian, 

    Thank you for an interesting and rather sobering podcast.  I racked my brains for the Hebrew word for tact but couldn’t come  up with anything other than the word for politeness or courtesy.  As far as Israel’s dealing with Hamas in Gaza is concerned, perhaps the thought should be “when a man wants to kill you, there is no call for being polite,” a sort of corollary to Churchill’s famous quip.

  2. Orion

    Great report guys! Thanks. 

  3. Doctor Bean

    Fascinating discussion. Thank you.

    Stay safe, Judith.

  4. Jimmy Carter

    I don’t understand dragging this out over decades upon decades; especially with “peace” “agreements” with evil.

    If it’s war, then let’s go toe to toe and see who wins and be done with it.

  5. swatter

    Very good podcast and very timely.

    First one didn’t focus on Syria acting up and why. Get the Mideast into an uproar at Israel defending themselves or just a simple diversion away from their issues?

    Or, I hope we add in Jordan, too. The King is walking on spring ice, too, and the beneficiaries seem to be, yep, the Brotherhood, which is promoted by the likes of Clinton, Obama and Abedin- HRC’s best confidant.

  6. swatter

    After listening, Judith does an excellent job spelling out the myriad options and reasons for what is happening on the attacks and the attempts to broker a ceasefire by the likes of Iran and Egyptian President Morsi. It is not so much a desire for peace as much as a clarion call to Hamas to ‘keep their powder dry’ for after Israel goes after Iran.

    After two podcasts, I would like the take of the Israelis on the US Libya, Egyptian and Muslim Brotherhood strategy. What does Israel think of the Brotherhood?  What happens after they take over North Africa and the near Mideast and potentially Saudi Arabia? Since alQeda was offshoot of the Brotherhood, does Israel think they are moderate Muslims?

    So many questions, and yet, no easy answers.

    Does Israel really think the US policy as articulated by Jarrett, Obama, Clinton and Abedin is going to work? Does it even deserve a chance?

  7. lakelylane

    Excellent podcast. Appreciate the timelyness….thanks

  8. swatter

    Today’s question: where is Claire Berlinski and what is her take on the situation?

    Several months ago, she was stating Turkey was Turkey and there were no ill-vibrations in the street caused by palace intrigue.

    I really wonder what she is hearing and feeling about things now. By feelings, I  mean the “pulse” of the country.

  9. Damian Counsell

    I’m torn between two impulses: I don’t want to take credit for what was really Judith’s fine work, but I also feel impolite leaving so many kind words unacknowledged. So, thank you all (mostly on Judith’s behalf) for your positive reviews.

  10. Judith Levy

    Yes, thank you! And do please keep listening.

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