Episode 4: Ladies and Gentlemen

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Your pop-culture maven and maverick are back with a new edition of the Acculturated podcast! For the first podcast of 2013, Emily Esfahani Smith and Ben Domenech take on one of the most important issues facing our culture today: relationships. With them is the AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, an independent-minded feminist who is the author of two must-read books, Who Stole Feminism and The War Against Boys.

Ben, Emily, and Christina talk chivalry, gender-neutral toys, and the future of feminism–you won’t want to miss this lively conversation. Be sure to check out Emily’s piece on chivalry and Christina’s wonderful article, “You Can Give a Boy a Doll, But You Can’t Make Him Play With It” when you have a chance. Subscribe to the Acculturated Podcast here.

  1. torontoconservative

    WOOO HOOOOOO! I’ve been dying for the next podcast. Best Podcast on Ricochet by miles! Keep up the good work, guys!

  2. The Mugwump

    A man tax?  We tax everything else, so why not a pole tax?

  3. Nanda Panjandrum

    I think I’ve finally recovered from Camille Paglia’s appearance enough to give this a try…Wonderful articles!

  4. Mike Visser

    Once again, well done Emily and Ben.

  5. Crow

    The best encapsulation of the critique of feminism, as well as one of the best lines of this podcast, goes to Christina Hoff Sommers: “mother nature may not be a feminist” (that is a gentle formulation). Her point that women have largely undone the social contract with men is another excellent insight.

    Good discussion overall. Ben, especially, shows exactly the way–in tone and with incisive yet patient questioning–that this dialogue should be happening. His challenge still stands.

  6. Indaba

    First of all, brave and important discussion. You are committing hate speech here in Canada. I kept the sound down low. Ben says what needs to be said. Why would a man get married besides seeing his kids often? Do women think men share their emotional need to have a partner and nest with the kids? You know, I never realized that males see it so differently. Thank you again for such a good podcast.

  7. Hartmann von Aue

    Thanks very much for bringing Dr. Hoff-Sommers on the podcast. My copy of Who Stole Feminism became one of the most-underlined books in my library. My sister loved it, too.  

  8. Nanda Panjandrum

    Many thanks for this one…I’ll be back for more.

  9. Astonishing

    On Ben’s question (Why would a man want to be gallant?), one big reason why not involves how the social phenomenon of abortion on demand affects the psychology of male responsibility. If, after conception, the decision of whether a child is born belongs entirely and exclusively to the woman, then men will quite justly feel that responsibility for the consequences of that decision should also belong entirely and exclusively to the woman. For this reason, abortion is the central issue for man-hating feminists, not because abortion gives women independence from men, but because it cuts women off from men in the matter most essential to their complementary natures as women and men.

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