Episode 19: I Drink Your Milkshake!

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The men of GLoP return to sprinkle their bon its and wisdom across the political and cultural landscape. This week, Syria, The New York Times’ newest man in Moscow, Samantha Power is a feckless crap weasel, a mediation on John Kerry’s ever changing face, a new Hizzonor for NYC, and are we seeing the end of the Obama Presidency with three years left to go? Also, –without Googling– who knows what a Shmoo is? Tell us in the comments. The GLoPer are watching. 

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In Russia, podcast hosts Photoshop EJHill!

  1. Aaron Swick

    Shmoo is a white blob it was a Saturday morning cartoon when i was a kid. It looks like Gloop and Gleep froom the Herculoids now those were cool cartoons

  2. bagodonuts

    Without Googling: Wasn’t a Shmoo some kind of creature from L’il Abner that just existed to make people happy? (For some reason, my dim recollection also involves thinking about eating Shmoos, but I’m not sure they were meant to be thought of in that way, and that I have not just violated a food taboo, somewhere on the “don’t-eat-dogs/vile-cannibal!” continuum.)

    Wasn’t Al Capp a New Deal liberal who, late in life, came over to the Dark Side? (I guess I could Google it.)

  3. Basil Fawlty

    A shmoo is an Al Capp character who once was portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor in Franco Zeffirelli’s The Taming of the Shmoo

  4. Edward Smith

    I WISH Bashar al Assad’s major accomplishment was appearing on San Pedro Beach Bums.

    Or that he was only as acccomplished as, say, Eric Braeden (Victor on The Young & Restless lo these past 20 years – and that ain’t a minor accomplishment for a C-Lister).

    God bless us with Harmless & Productive & Obscure Professionals and spare us the hyped up mediocrities!

  5. Edward Smith

    Bellevue?  Jonah, is that you?

  6. RPD

    I remembered the Schmoo as being on a Saturday morning cartoon knockoff of ScoobyDoo. I had to go to the wiki to find out that the Schmoo has a truly rich history that should be appreciated.

  7. Richard Finlay

    A true age-differentiator.  I remember the schmoo from Li’l Abner comics.  I think Al Capp had trouble keeping his definition consistent over time.

  8. Bill Thom

    the shmoo!

  9. BlueAnt

    John wants to know if NYC will revert once the policing efforts are rolled back.  I’ll steal a quote out of context:

    “I told him that from what I had observed, it only took three days before desperation and hunger overturned all civilized instinct in a person. He smiled and said I had a bleak view of human nature, and that in his experience it was nearer to four days.”

    Politeness, adherence to laws, and civilization itself are fragile veneers, not robust aspects of human interaction.  They require constant enforcement and reinforcement. The progressive idea that you can build up humanity to a certain threshold through top-down diktat, and then “coast” into the glorious future, has been refuted by the entirety of recorded history.

    And that is why I am a conservative.

  10. Rob Long

    . · 11 hours ago

    Absolutely brilliant!

  11. Ryan M

    a schmoo?  I have no idea what that is.  Schmooze, perhaps…  but not schmoo.

  12. jeffp

    So I’ve looked up the Shmoo on Wikipedia, and having seen him/it, I have a vague recollection that I once knew of but then forgot all about him/it, and I’m conflicted over whether I should reveal the mystery and claim the prize, or withhold the answer in deference to someone who didn’t have to look it up. If I don’t post it and give another commenter a chance at glory, how about I’m rewarded with a non-speaking role in the next GLoP Culture Podcast?

  13. Inktome

    As I understand it, the schmoo is a creature of fantastic utility, becoming and existing as a delight. It is defined, in part, by the needs or desires of its observer. The schmoo relished in being coveted, becoming ever more satisfied to please the needs of those who gazed upon it with desire.

  14. David Knights
    Bill Thom

    the shmoo! · 3 hours ago

    Relisten to the podcast.  I don’t think he said shmoo, I think he said shmoopie.  It is a Seinfeld reference.

  15. Cunctator

    Come back soon please!!

  16. I checked with the source and he said “Shmoo.”

    David Knights

    Bill Thom

    the shmoo! · 3 hours ago

    Relisten to the podcast.  I don’t think he said shmoo, I think he said shmoopie.  It is a Seinfeld reference. · 14 minutes ago

    Edited 13 minutes ago

  17. SMatthewStolte

    Jonah slightly misremembered the Johnny Quest quote. The gargoyle was called Dietrich, and he was “Norway’s greatest acrobatic dwarf,” at least according to this:http://the-haunted-closet.blogspot.com/2009/05/house-of-seven-gargoyles-jonny-quest.html?m=1I’m glad to learn about these things.

  18. cpm74

    Both “schmoo” (I think Jonah)  and “schmoopie” (I think John) were referenced. Brilliant!

  19. doc molloy

    Did Rob Long accidentally reveal the inner boy child in him when those car horns came blaring out of the speakers and John announced.. Gentlemen, Times Square.. that’s Times Square below.. and a small voice could be heard saying ‘wow…’ in wonderment. Great GLop culture podcast moment.

    Is the word podcast derived from Podhoretz?

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