Episode 116: How They Got Over

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It finally happened: the Ricochet Podcast finally gets religion on Romney. Hallelujah! Also, a Titanically bad miniseries, and author and journalist Harry Stein on Trayvon Martin, left race baiting, and yes, Tiny Tim. Then economist and podcaster extraordinaire Russ Roberts (his required listening podcast is here) joins to discuss the economy, inflation on the horizon, quantitative easing, ancient Egyptian economics, and the expert’s answer to Peter’s bleg. It’s all about who you know. Finally, congrats to Ricochet member Curious John for winning the highly coveted Ricochet Podcast Member Post of the Week for his super innovative Ricochet Member Audio Meetups. CJ, your mug is on the way. 

Music from this week’s episode:

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EJHill, you ‘da man. 

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The Ricochet Podcast is proudly sponsored by Encounter Books. This week’s pick is No Matter What…They’ll Call This Book Racist: How our Fear of Talking Honestly About Race Hurts Us All by Harry Stein. Available for $16.31 at EncounterBooks.com and Amazon.com. 

  1. Note: We struggled with some intermittent audio issues this week due to inclemenate weather while recording (I apparently live in an area with a third world power and communications grid), so apologies in advance. 

  2. DutchTex

    Rob, “the one character with striking contemporary views” always irritated me about the entire series of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

  3. Ryan M

    So very excited that Russ Roberts is making an appearance.  I am an avid listener to EconTalk, and it’s about time he stepped over to Ricochet!  p.s. Waiting eagerly for another Richard Epstein episode of EconTalk.  One of you want to pass the message to Russ?

  4. Leslie Watkins
    DutchTex: Rob, “the one character with striking contemporary views” always irritated me about the entire series of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” · 45 minutes ago

    It’s why I couldn’t watch more than the first ten minutes of Titanic. I almost expected Kate Winslet to start rapping.

  5. SpinozaCarWash

    Peter, I suggested bringing Russ Roberts on within the comments section of your Keynes post.  Did your triumvirate invite him last week or after you raised the issue?

  6. Commodore BTC

    for anyone interested in obesity/public health/weight loss, I must recommend this podcast Russ Roberts did with science writer Gary Taubes

  7. Tom Westberg

    I was surprised that the discussion of racism with Harry Stein didn’t include mention of the recent Derbyshire firing from National Review. I understand that some defend his article “The Talk” as well-grounded in statistics, but it seems to me to be a good example of a conservative writing something that came out as racist, no matter what he thought he was putting in.

  8. CuriousJohn

    Blue Yeti

    The mobile version is missing this post and the comment that I added last night doesn’t show up anymore on this post.  What’s going on?  Plus the Post is listed twice on the Super Feed.

  9. Busy System Admin


    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I’ll look into it.

  10. katievs

    I had to interrupt my listening to announce that I am a girl who practically worships the Patrick O’Brien series.  I’ve read them all.  Most of them at least twice.  I found them thoroughly engrossing, delightful, witty, and illuminating.  

  11. Sisyphus

    I can’t listen. It sounds like the Ricochet Podcast version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  12. EJHill

    The story behind the Photoshops! Now Revealed!

  13. Mr. Bildo
    Tom Westberg: I was surprised that the discussion of racism with Harry Stein didn’t include mention of the recent Derbyshire firing from National Review. 

    I felt like the whole time Harry Stein was on there was this big elephant in the room no one was talking about; almost to the point of being uncomfortable.

  14. CuriousJohn

    Its Alive, Its Alive.

    Put your “Skin in the Game” via a Ricochet Member Audio Meetup

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  15. Bereket Kelile

    Just heard the podcast and really enjoyed hearing Prof. Roberts talk economics, particularly about QE. James is right that the average person wouldn’t know this about QE, unless they read this post of mine from a month ago. 

    I would like to have asked Prof. Roberts if the Fed would have to combat increased circulation of those reserves by increasing the fed funds rate. The argument is that the Fed can increase the interest it pays on bank reserves to keep it out of circulation or replace them with other interest-bearing securities like Treasurys. 

  16. Bill Waldron

    That photoshop appeared in a very strange dream I had last night. I shall try laying off the Chimay before retiring, in the hope it haunts me no longer.

  17. Dorothy Wood
    A conservative like Mitt is more likely to be pictured with the piano guys  and of the same religion:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR94NDIfGmA&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SP2FCE4EAED0A3000B Enjoy the real source of the man. 
  18. Hang On

    Wish one of you had pinned Roberts down a bit harder on Depression & WW2. Does he really think that there was more privation in terms of consumer spending during WW2 than during the depression? The other point to make is that most of the federal spending went through private companies, e.g., Ford, GM, Kaiser, which made capital investments, and not into a federal bureaucracy with virtually no capital investments. In addition, much of those capital investments were what today would be called dual use technologies, i.e., military & civilian applications. Much depends on how the government money is spent.

  19. Hang On

    And about Mitt Romney’s speeches. The one after the PA primary was excellent, but he’s been making similar speeches for a couple of months. It’s not that new.

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