Need to Know with Mona Charen and Jay NordlingerEp. 85: Who Are You Calling Nazi?

Need to Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger Who Are You Calling Nazi?
NTK FeatureWhat do the King of Saudi Arabia, the leader of Egypt, and the leader of India have in common? They’re all more anti-Hamas than our president. Jay and Mona consider the oddness of this moment, and then move on to the question of why – of all things – Israel is routinely accused of being Nazi.

There are countries and movements in the world that resemble Nazis, and Jay discusses a new book about the abuse of Falun Gong by China. It’s one small window into the horrific nature of that regime. And yet, we trade, we travel, we study – we pretend that China is just another normal country.

Mona talks about the experience of writing for the New York Times this week, and Jay reports a bit from Salzburg, where he goes every year to participate in the Mozart Festival.

No offense meant to Wolfgang, but we close with some Beethoven because it’s linked to a language point Jay was making. Enjoy.