Episode 7: Blue Moon of Kentucky

National Review's Bob Costa and Andrew Stiles
Mar 29, 2013
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This week on Beltway Buzz, Costa and Stiles bring you all the inside info: Ashley Judd’s not running, but who is? Attacking ObamaCare as a political strategy; SSM as a litmus test and as an evolving political stance; the RNC report; gun control, background checks, and Bloomberg; and, of course, Sarah.

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  1. David Williamson

    Ah, yes, what might have been.

    Mr McCain would have been a disaster, but his VP would have been great :-)

  2. Smokedaddy

    I think these two may have a bigger need for that Hillsdale course than most of us do.

  3. David Williamson

    You betcha!

  4. Indaba

    Palin endorsed Cruz? Was she a wacko bird too then?

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