Need To Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger Episode 4: Bach To The Future Link to MP3 File

This week on Need To Know, Mona and Jay give their reviews of the Presidential debate, what Mitt’s smashing performance means, a boots-on-the-ground report from the battle state of Virginia, the curious changing demographics of the Jewish vote, the continuing deception over the attacks in Libya, and Mona reveals her heretofore secret hobby.

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  1. LKSkinner

    As a Jew – Republican, conservative and Orthodox – I too am totally befuddled by the liberal leftist voting habits of Jews in the United States. It’s like they’re suffering from some sort of weird guilt trip and need to do penance. Too bad we all suffer along with them!

    From my vantage point here in Jerusalem it is so obvious that Obama can’t stand Israel and takes his hatred out on PM Netanyahu, his hostility is there for all to see. Yet they continue to support Obama. I think Jay is onto something here about the liberal Jewish mindset, they wouldn’t miss Tel Aviv. If anything, they would probably be relieved, those Israelis are so annoying. 

    As for the demographic shift, it’s happening here in Israel too with the Orthodox families having the most kids. And the liberals are not happy about this, especially as those kids go on to serve in the army and vote. So there is a glimmer of hope, both in the States and in Israel.

    Shabbat shalom!

  2. genferei

    Just in case Mona and Jay monitor the comments, I’d like to say how much I’m enjoying this podcast.

  3. Pseudodionysius

    The podcast is excellent, though I do quibble on their evaluation of Romney during the Primary debates. Granted, the zombie army of Not Romneys just kept coming at him faster than anyone could reload bullet points, but Romney himself — for whatever reason — only started to finally show the ability to go Hulk Smash when he stymied Gingrich during the rematch, and for quite awhile seemed unable to figure out a consistent plan of attack. This left many in the base fearing he was simply a chameleon politician, who was changing his positions and persona to catch whichever prevailing wind was blowing. 

    We were also being screamed at by the media that we weren’t seeing what we were seeing and the Iron Man version of Romney Stark Contrast was really there, we just weren’t looking hard enough.

    Water under the bridge I suppose, but I just want to contrast Consultant In Chief from Commander In Chief. Too many times during the primaries we saw evidence of a Consultant In Chief, and — as Michael Barone said on the podcast — Mitt Romney, Commander in Chief, showed up and kicked over the empty deck chair on the USS Baranick.

  4. Daniel Halbach

    I love this podcast. 

    Kind of a tease having to wait till the end to learn where the episode got its name.

    I met both of you on the NR cruise last year.  It was a joy talking to you both (and young Ben).  I wish I could be there again this year.  This podcast is the next best thing.

  5. Cutlass

    Mona, to your point:

  6. Rightfromthestart

    I won’t argue with you, Jay, I always knew Bill and Hillary were 60′s leftists to the core and as such they’re both superb liars, of course a slavish press corps helps a lot too.    

  7. Indaba

    Wonderful to listen to your conversation.  More…

  8. Arizona Conservative

    Am wondering about Mona’s correspondence with the leftist student (in an early episode). Has the student come around yet?

    I, too love this podcast.

  9. Mona Charen


    Love it.

  10. Mona Charen

    My most recent effort was to send her a copy of Women’s Figures by my friend Diana Furchtgott-Roth. It debunks the most prevalent myths about sex discrimination, equal pay, and so forth. She thanked me for the book and I’ll keep you posted as to whether she reads it and whether it influences her at all.

    Thanks to all for listening and commenting.

  11. Robert Dammers

    As ever, a delight to listen to you both.  But the play-out was a disappointment – couldn’t we have had something from one of the unaccompanied suites for ‘cello rather than an orchestral suite?

    (Having said that, I see that Wikipedia describes this as the first piece by Bach to have been recorded, in an arrangement for ‘cello and piano, so maybe that was what was going on!)

    Wishing you much perseverance and joy in your ‘cello studies, Mona.

  12. Benjamin Glaser

    This is becoming my favorite podcast on Ricochet. Keep up the good work (and the Bach)!

    Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major

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