Need To Know with Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger Episode 5: Are You A Capitalist? Link to MP3 File

The title refers to a provocative question Jay Nordlinger would like to ask the President, and he and co-host Mona Charen give their answers. Other topics covered this week: some pre-VP debate analysis (this show was recorded before the VP debate), the best journalist working today, what political parties Obama would be a member of around the world, Big Bird as a political football, is the Obama administration consciously lying about Libya, the truth about Alan Keyes, what “new economic patriotism” really means, and some final thoughts on l’affaire Big Bird. 

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  1. Quinnie

    I haven’t yet listened to the latest podcast, but have thoroughly enjoyed their previous ones.   Two intelligent, likeable people have interesting conversations.  Thank you.

  2. Astonishing

    One nice thing about being conservative is never having to apologize for being a little grumpy.

    Points to Jay for predicting the exact final score of Veep debate.

    Points to Mona for not being afraid to say Obama has never had to do his homework and to Jay for observing that Obama has always had his booty kissed.

    That you are only recently allowed to say such things shows how much thing have changed lately.

    Because Obams possesses credible (but not incredible)  intellect and mouths liberal plantation pieties, throughout his life he’s always been “The Great Black Hope” for whom it was the  job of everybody around him to make dern sure he looked good in whatever job he was given.

    So he never had to do his homework. It was always done for him, or if he didn’t study up in advance, his flubs were politely ignored. (e.g., A monolinguist himself, he could lecture his fellow citizens for not speaking a second languange, say, Austrian. Well,  I don’t speak Austrian, but I do speak Australian, mate!) 

    But when Obama didn’t do his debate homework, everything changed.

    Got my grump off! Feel better now.

  3. Blue State Curmudgeon

    Mona;  Your reference to the comment that “if the left didn’t have a double standard, they wouldn’t have standards at all” was absolutely priceless.  I literally (forgive the Bidenism) laughed out loud. 

  4. elprez

    Do writers have a “voice”? If so, I enjoyed Jay and Mona before I ever heard them speak. I enjoy their conversations on this podcast.

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