Episode 11: A Polite Golf Clap

National Review's Bob Costa and Andrew Stiles
May 7, 2013
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BREAKING: The 2016 race for President is on. Is Ted Cruz running? Is Marco Rubio? More on immigration and the tricky choice for Rubio, Cruz and other Republicans.

Also, Obama plays golf with Republicans: are they playing ball with him or is he as lame as the ducks in the water hazard? And, will Mark Sanford win his special election or go for a hike? And if he does win, what does that mean for the party?

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  1. Mr. Dart

    You might want to correct the text above.  Mark Sanford has already won the Republican primary election and the run-off election quite handily.  Today’s contest is the special election for the SC 1st District seat in the US House, not a primary.

  2. genferei

    Guys, you often talk about ‘leadership’ or ‘the leadership’ in the House and the Senate. Who are these people (beyond Boehner and McConnell), how do they get to be ‘the leadership’, and what powers do they wield?

  3. Commodore BTC

    I get the sense Stiles and Costa are frustrated with conservatives in Congress stymying GOP leadership. 

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