Episode 46: 100% Cotton

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The Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX) returns for a very special Saturday afternoon episode. Topics of discussion include:

* celebration of Snow-Out Day in Minnesota

* reflections on the Boston bombing, 2 weeks out

* the travails of the Comprehensive Immigration Bill

* Loon of the Week (John Kerry and his passion for barbershop quartet)

* This Week in Gatekeeping (media group award for Boston coverage)

We are also joined by the distinguished Representative from Arkansas’ 4th Congressional Districut, and Republican rising star, Tom Cotton. He discusses his thoughts on the effectiveness of Obama administration counter-terrorism efforts, the Gang of Eight’s Immigration bill and its chances in the House, and more.

 The Listener/Member of the Week award goes to the first commenter who can answer the question, how high was the snow bank in John Hinderaker’s cul-de-sac at the time of this taping?

 All feedback is welcome and encouraged in the comments section. We hope you enjoy.

  1. Astonishing

    Before even listening to a single word of this podcast, I know it will be fantastic because Tom Cotton is your guest. He is great, good, and honorable man, a wise man, who restores my sense of hope for this country. I wish I could move to Arkansas just so I could vote for him.

  2. Astonishing

    Still seven feet high!

  3. Indaba


  4. Indaba

    Tom Cotton exudes common sense about immigration. Liberals are magical thinkers – well noted. The denial of human nature is nice to think but not realistic.

  5. Brian Ward

    We have a winner!   Congratulations Astonishing for a truly astounding victory.   We’d like you to come on our next podcast to accept your honors.   I’ll be in touch about date/time.  We will need to clarify if your sobriquet is a gerund or present participle in advance, however.  We are sticklers about these things.  

  6. Fred Williams

    I have congressman envy again.  A very low bar here in MA.  I was generally familiar with Tom Cotton’s impressive background in the military.  Transition to your Loon of the Week, Kerry.  Recall his contempt for the military with his cheap remark a few years ago about college graduates who “get stuck in Iraq.”  He simply can’t fathom the character of someone like the representative.  “Sweet Adeline” wasn’t his first baseball related gaffe.  His favorite players include:  “Sammy Souza,” “Mike McQwire,” and of course, Boston’s own “Manny Ortez.”  

  7. Chris Campion

    Kerry perfectly encapsulates the rambling stupid that is the Barry Administration.  I couldn’t think of a more adequate gentleman for the role of public buffoon than Massachusett’s own John Kerry.

    John Kerry:  Veteran.  Senator.  Secretary of State.  And Massively Useless.

    Oh, and regarding the gun legislation piece:  The Dems float these legislative balloons (I think) largely knowing they won’t go anywhere, but it frames the narrative, and the debate, for weeks and sometimes months.  It’s not designed to succeed legislatively; it’s designed to put Republicans on the defensive and to have them spend their energy debating the stupid.  If there’s one thing the Dems are good at, because, let’s face it, they’ve never really worked at real jobs, it’s taking the offense on the narrative.

    For these clowns, it’s all about the story, it’s not about reality.  Just as it was discussed in the podcast.  If you write it down and it makes you feel good, it must be a great idea!  Progressivism in a nutshell.  Except less tasty when roasted.

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