In their last episode of the year, the Young Americans arrive at the topic all Internet content gets to eventually: Jordan Peterson. And they do it in-person, a first for this podcast, discussing 12 Rules For Life, Jordan Peterson’s best-selling book, as well as his message and personality more generally.

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  1. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    I’m worried you guys are being intellectually narrow. It seems like anybody outside of a very defined intellectual tradition from the right Universities is suspect. 

    I think this is why Dave Rubin is all the rage on the internets. He’ll talk to anybody and think about things with anybody.


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  2. Joseph Stocks Member
    Joseph Stocks

    Great podcast but I think you guys missed something and I do think it is because of your millennial worldview. The Art of Manliness was mentioned but I don’t believe Peterson and masculinity was fully explored. 

    I believe Peterson taps into a belief that masculinity is a real objective thing and it is needed to prolong Western Civilization (not to be too dramatic). The thing I can say about a lot of guys I grew up with is that they are not men. 

    I did three things that a lot of my millennial friends haven’t done and I’m considered a nut for:

    (1) convert to the Catholic Church

    (2) marry a woman out of my league

    (3) join the army

    I think the concept underpinning all of those choices is masculinity, what it is and why it’s necessary. 

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  3. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    You might consider changing your theme music to David Bowie’s Young American – or maybe some millennial act that’s covered it.

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  4. milkchaser Member

    Paradise Lost is useful only for Christians or those who want to understand its historical significance.

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