This week, Eric, Dan, and Dylan discuss the new legislation in Utah restricting social media access for minors. Will it work? Is it a good idea? Will it even have a chance to take effect, as social media companies are certain to sue over it? Then, continuing on the same theme, the guys take a look at last week’s congressional hearings on TikTok. Did anyone come out of this looking good? Is a ban on TikTok inevitable now? Does Congress’s reason for banning TikTok even matter? And finally, Xi and Putin meet for a summit. What does that mean for the future of the war in Ukraine and for U.S.-China relations?


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Kids in Utah will need parents’ OK to access social media | Associated Press

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Utah’s Governor Should Veto “Social Media Regulations” Bill S.B. 152 | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Xi and Putin’s Burgeoning Bromance | The Morning Dispatch


Republican or Not? | Saturday Night Live




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