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  1. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    So, the what 2 degrees Fahrenheit of warming are responsible for drastically increased fires in California? That’s ridiculous, to the extent climate can be blames, even on the high end, it must contribute to like 5% of the increase.

    Edit: After some quick googling, various web sources say ‘we could’ have a year in the next 5 years that is 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial times, that works out to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, so my 2 degrees guess was high (even though I don’t believe my own guess, because I have to believe that they are not doctoring data to make it appear warmer than it is and doctoring old data to make it seem colder than it was).

    Just so anyone who reads this knows where I am coming from, I believe there is anthropomorphic global warming, but I think it is less than exclaimed and will be less than predicted. I think any solution that doesn’t involve mass adoption of nuclear power is made by non-serious people, grifters with investments in wind/solar, or Marxists who see climate change as the new way to destroy freedom and back door Marxism. Furthermore, I believe we will have viable small fission reactors and possibly even viable fusion reactors mid-century and nuclear power will be such a big advantage over current mechanisms that this issue will basically work itself out due the usage of nuclear power.

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  2. RPD Inactive

    When hasn’t there been climate change? Change is what climate does. Lomberg makes much more sense re: mitigation than does the idea of try to stabilize something that is inherently unstable.  Rather than pander to Gen Z, the right needs to work harder on educating and persuading them to a more sensible view of climate.

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