Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 6.10.52 PMWelcome to our newest Ricochet/National Review podcast, Wonky Town, featuring up-to-date commentary on the intersection of Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.24.04 PMpolitics, policy, and economics from National Review’s Reihan Salam and Patrick Brennan. Can Ted Cruz really abolish the IRS? What are the Republican alternatives to Obamacare? Where is the economy headed—will it boost Republicans or Democrats next year? As the 2016 campaign takes off, Wonky Town will be conservatives’ home for analysis of these kinds of questions and more.

This week, with Rand Paul officially launching his presidential campaign this week, Reihan and PatrickScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.24.15 PM discuss what he can bring to the table policy-wise: Paul has already set himself apart in the Senate by pushing some new policy initiatives for Republicans, like criminal-justice reform. Are his other ideas, like a balanced-budget amendment, feasible? Should his foreign-policy views scare off traditional Republicans?

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  1. Fricosis Guy Listener
    Fricosis Guy

    Reihan is the man. Very excited about this new pod.

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  2. SPare Member

    Do we still get Avik Roy too?

    and come to think of it, I’m jonzeing for Tracked and Targeted.  Colonel Schlichter is my hero.

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  3. ParisParamus Inactive

    I think the term “podcast” needs some standards.  Like, it has to successfully go through at least 50 episodes before it’s more than some guy or guys talking, introduced by some generic music.  Every recorded conversation, and even, every recorded interview, put up on the web is not a podcast.  And actually, until you get to episode 25, no intro music at all, please.  And even after episode 50, if all you can muster is generic music, just skip the music altogether.  Thank you.

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  4. user_30416 Member

    I’m liking this NR-Ricochet joint podcasting of late and am really looking forward to hearing more episodes of this podcast in particular. Please stay for awhile, guys! Regarding the candidacy of Rand Paul, I can’t help but think that if he gets remotely close to competing for the nomination that the story in the press is going to be how he’s breaking libertarian hearts. It will be a drum beat of jilted moments because what he claims to want and the approach he’s taking to pursue it are a contradiction in terms.

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  5. Ricochet Member

    A more correct title for the episode would have been “Rand Paul: Everything he says is a fantasy, contradictory or just stupid”.

    Granted I’m a lot more libertarian leaning than the hosts, but this had no balance at all.

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  6. MichaelC19fan Inactive

    Good to see a new blog especially highlighting more the Reform Con movement. Nothing against the Kudlow/Pawlenty podcast but that is like listening to a broken record from 30 years ago. I hope someone does a rewritten version of “Funky Town” as the theme song. :)

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