It’s the last show before the election and once again, we’re Super-Sized. Let’s face it, folks: everything we’ve done over the past two years have led up to this moment, and we’ve got a plethora or guests to parse and analyze all the news that’s fit to listen to.

Our guests this week are Ricochet Editor Troy Senik, Ricochet contributor and polling expert Adam Schaeffer, Ricochet member Scott Reusser, who’s on the ground (literally) in Ohio, and Rick Wilson, political operative to the stars. We wrap up with The Big Story of The Week but not before Peter makes a stunning pronouncement as to who his dream presidential candidate really is. Hint: it’s not a certain cartoon carnivore. 

Apologies for the audio quality during the last 5 minutes of today’s show. We’ll do better under the next administration. 

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