Victor Davis Hanson at Home

From Victor Davis Hanson’s farm, far from the power of Silicon Valley and the glitz of Los Angeles, Dave sits with the author, professor, and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution (Stanford University) to discuss The Bulwark, John McCain, George Bush, Bill Kristol, Mueller Report, Deep State, China, Israel, Antisemitism, Journalism, White Privilege, the Democrats, “new demography,” New Zealand, Reparations, and his latest book The Case For Trump.

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There are 9 comments.

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  1. namlliT noD Member
    namlliT noD

    Great interview.  Well done!

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  2. Columbo Member

    Outstanding Dave. I have been an avid reader of Dr. Hanson since at least 2005. This man possesses great wisdom, an ability to meld current events into the context of history and is a person of impeccable character. Truly a gem for the conservative movement in the manner of William Buckley. Thanks for this podcast. Whiskey Politics is hands down the best thing at Ricochet for this reader.

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  3. Dave Sussman Contributor
    Dave Sussman

    Columbo (View Comment):

    Truly a gem for the conservative movement in the manner of William Buckley.

    Buckley and VDH were different in many ways (New York patrician where VDH is a man of the land who pops in and out of the intelligentsia) but they each were/are clear, concise and unapologetic for their conservative politics, always buttressed by history and facts. Both authors and brilliant men.

    I’ve often wondered how Buckley would’ve responded to his own magazines “Against Trump” stance during 2016, even though Rich Lowry has pulled it back since.

    Thanks Columbo.

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  4. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    I’d be open to making VDH a regular thing on Ricochet to encourage intellectual diversity. 

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  5. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    Henry Castaigne (View Comment):

    I’d be open to making VDH a regular thing on Ricochet to encourage intellectual diversity.

    We carry his Hoover podcast (on hiatus right now, but will be back when his book tour ends). 

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  6. Jim Beck Inactive
    Jim Beck

    Afternoon Dave,

    Super interview.  Next time when you are with him in Fresno, paint us a word picture of the city, county, neighbors, and let VDH more extensively compare and contrast the family farm life, with the modern corporate life we have now. “Field Without Dreams” is one of his many books, on the effects of the corporations on family farms.  Also could you ask him if the effect of corporate farming on family life is in any way analogous to the effect of Silicon Valley on other aspects of our work culture.

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  7. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    I love VDH! Thank you Dave.

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  8. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    Thanks Dave. 

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  9. Sweezle Member

    Wonderful interview. Just received my copy of  “The Case for Trump” but I love listening to VDH.

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