In this special Independence Day edition of Whiskey Politics we have three incredible guests. Pete Santilli @5:58 – The Host of The Pete Santilli Show discusses what Trump needs to do to win the election. Justin K. Sheffield @1:03:51 – A Seal Team Six warrior with 1,000 combat operations who’s now working to save his brothers back home, discusses Russia’s ‘bounty’ of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan. Michelle Balconi @1:32:10 – The Author and Speaker discusses how to talk with our kids about Democracy and Economics in light of seeing the youth wanting to erase our history and change our economic systems.

PETE SANTILLI @5:58 Host of The Pete Santilli Show discusses the 3 things Trump must do to win the 2020 election. Watch Pete Daily at &
Dave on Pete’s Show (June 28th, 2020)

JUSTIN K. SHEFFIELD @1:03:51 Author of MOB VI – A SEAL TEAM SIX OPERATOR’S BATTLES IN THE FIGHT FOR GOOD OVER EVIL. Who do our hero’s look up to? Justin and his brothers in Seal Team Six. In this stunningly emotional and transparent interview, Justin, a true warrior, discusses the devastating epidemic of Veterans suicide and a promising alternative to the anti-depressants. We also discuss reports of Russia’s bounties for killing U.S. Soldiers.
Purchase the book: – Support these brave hero’s at and find Justin on Twitter at

MICHELLE BALCONI @1:32:10 Author of the Let’s Chat Books with Dr. Art Laffer. Michelle creates connections between children and adults through economics and democracy. Michelle gives parents and grandparents the tools to speak with our kids and young adults at a time when many are seeking to erase our history and alter economic systems. Find Michelle and her books at

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