Eric Early: How to Save California

Beverly Hills Power Lawyer Eric Early has filed lawsuits against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the Santa Barbara School District, and on behalf of Don Blankenship (see episode #201) has sued much of mainstream media for $12 Billion. These lawsuits focus on reversing corruption in Sacramento, racial bias in education, and making media accountable for fake news. Eric ran for CA Attorney General in 2018 and in deep blue California received just under a million votes. Eric discusses how he believes California can not only be saved but could eventually go red again. Find Eric Early at

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  1. milkchaser Member
    milkchaser Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Yet another fascinating interview. I am so glad that people like Eric Early are fighting for California.

    • #1
    • June 10, 2019, at 12:35 AM PDT
  2. Joe D. Lincoln

    Lost to Harris 10 years ago after the ‘counting of provisional ballots’ – like Mark Steyn says, “A Republican has to win beyond the margin of lawyer.”

    • #2
    • June 11, 2019, at 8:27 AM PDT