Due to the lockdown, the Pasadena GOP Club group was notified 24 hours before the event they would not be allowed to have a speaker. Dinner, yes, but no speaker. So instead of obeying bureaucrats’ inane rules, they moved the meeting to a private home. The turnout was spectacular. Dave discusses the state of the 2020 Election, Sidney Powell, what a Biden Administration intends to do, and answers questions from the audience.

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  1. RufusRJones Member

    I’m partway through, but I need to get one thing out. I would really like it if you got a guest that detailed how compromised and dishonest the Biden family is. All of the Never Trump that are organized around Pierre Omidyar money freaking voted for him. 

    There is a new one about a Universal theme park in China. It hasn’t gotten as much attention because it came out so close to the election.

    It seems to me, it would be really helpful if the average Republican had this handy in their heads at all times.

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  2. RufusRJones Member

    One of the more unbelievable things about Hunter Biden is, the Obama administration was so worried about what he would do they placed a CIA tail on him whenever he went overseas. Joe diGenova constantly emphasizes that. They were worried about everything from getting blackmailed from some behavior, to all of the stuff that’s in the news right now. 

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  3. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    Great speech!

    Hey, Dave. I bet you can discover Soros’s insidious influence just trying to get three guests in a row willing to talk about him, like Newt. Who’s investigating his organizations? The Tide Corp, etc? How does he finance BLM and multiple news orgs? (Talk to Bill Whittle, who puts his influence at about $35 BILlION.) 

    You may find out things simply from those who refuse to talk, but at least will privately tell you why.

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